Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Vector Tha Viper On Def Jam Africa Label, As Universal Music Group Launches Def Jam Africa

Universal Music Group today announced the launch of Def Jam Africa, a new label division within the continent. According to the announcement, the new label is dedicated to representing “the best hip-hop, Afrobeats and trap talent in Africa, and will follow the blueprint of the iconic Def Jam Recordings label,” one of the most important hip-hop/R&B companies in history.

The label will initially be based in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria, but will identify and sign artist talent from across the entire continent. It will be supported by dedicated A&R, marketing, creative and digital teams from the UMG teams in both Nigeria and South Africa and will report to Sipho Dlamini, managing director of Universal Music Sub-Saharan Africa & South Africa.

The label launches with a flagship roster including such well-established African artists as Boity (South Africa), Cassper Nyovest (South Africa), Larry Gaaga (Nigeria), Nadia Nakai (South Africa), Nasty C (South Africa), Tshego (South Africa), Tellaman (South Africa), Ricky Tyler (South Africa) and Vector (Nigeria). Most of these artists have previously released recordings under the UMG Africa banner, but a rep for the company tells Variety that Def Jam Africa is the first standalone UMG label in Africa that will have its own identity, dedicated resources and focus specifically on its core genres.

In making the announcement, Dlamini said, “Many of us in Africa grew up on music from legendary labels under the UMG umbrella. From Blue Note for jazz fans, to Mercury Records, which was Hugh Masekela’s first US label and Uptown Records, the home of Jodeci and Mary J Blige and many more. For those into hip-hop, no label has such cultural and historic relevance as Def Jam. From Run DMC, to LL Cool J, Disturbing the Peace, Jay-Z, Big Sean and Kanye West, Def Jam has always been the ultimate destination for hip-hop and urban culture worldwide. It is a historic achievement that we’re now able to bring this iconic label to Africa, to create an authentic and trusted home for those who aspire to be the best in hip-hop, Afrobeats and trap. Together, we will build a new community of artists, that will push the boundaries of hip-hop from Africa, to reach new audiences globally.

Jeff Harleston, interim Chairman & CEO, Def Jam Recordings said, “Def Jam is a globally recognized brand, synonymous with excellence in hip-hop, and we enthusiastically welcome the launch of Def Jam Africa as an opportunity for audiences worldwide to discover the incredibly talented hip-hop artists emerging from across the continent.”

Adam Granite, EVP, Market Development said, “Def Jam has always been a respected mark of hip-hop quality, and the calibre of artists already on the roster, shows that this is a label, truly dedicated to helping the very best rap talent from Africa, reach new audiences on a global level.”

Earlier this year it was announced that South African rapper Nasty C will release his forthcoming album “Zulu Man with Some Power” in partnership with Def Jam Recordings in the U.S., during Summer, 2020. Other forthcoming releases on Def Jam Africa include singles from: Ricky Tyler, Boity, Nasty C, Tellaman feat. Alpha P, Vector, Cassper Nyovest and Tshego.

Since its founding by Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons in 1984, Def Jam has been one of the , with classic releases over the years from LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Method Man, Ghostface, DMX, Ludacris, the Roots, Young Jeezy, Frank Ocean, Logic and, via a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella and Roc Nation labels, Jay, Kanye West, Rihanna and others.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

FC Cincinnati tweet wrong photo of new coach Jaap Stam

Cincinnati's Major League Soccer team posted the wrong photo in its tweet announcing the hiring of former Manchester United defender Jaap Stam.

And it wasn't the first time the coach with a shaved head has been confused with someone else who has the same look.

"It's happened before, but it was quite a big surprise yesterday," Stam said Friday.

The team announced his hiring Thursday on a tweet that mistakenly featured the photo of look-alike Tinus van Teanenbroek, an Ajax youth coach. Cincinnati soon retweeted the announcement with the correct photo, saying, "Join us in welcoming our actual new head coach, Jaap Stam." The team wrote "actual" in italics.

Stam told the team's website that he's thankful for the attention the mistake brought to his hiring. He said he's accustomed to such mistaken identity.

"A lot of people with no hair, in Holland, sometimes they say, 'There's Jaap!'" he said. "It's a thing that's quite normal."

Other MLS teams picked up on the mistake and tweeted photos of other Stam look-alikes, which he enjoyed.

"Somebody posted it to me, and I can appreciate it as well," Stam said in a Zoom call with the media Friday. "At a certain time, we need to have a little laugh as well. If we play against each other, if we come out on top by winning those particular games, then we can have a laugh, so that's what we're trying to do."

Stam replaced Ron Jans, who was forced out in February after a league investigation found he'd used a racial slur in the locker room and made other troubling comments. The investigation was prompted by a complaint from the MLS Players Association.

Cincinnati is on its third head coach during its brief stay in the league. As an expansion team last year, it fired Alan Koch after its 11th first-tier match, which left Cincinnati with two wins, seven losses and two draws.

Stam, 47, also has coached in England at Reading (2016-18) as well as in his native Holland at Zwolle (2018-19) and Feyenoord (2019).

A central defender, he won three Premier League titles, one FA Cup and the 1999 Champions League with United.

Why do people cheat - Marcus Owolabi Featuring Actress Yvonne Hays

On this episode, Marcus Owolabi hosted Uk based Nigerian actress and filmmaker, Yvonne Hayes, as a guest on Love , Sex & Relationship. 
She shared her view and opinion on why people cheat and it’s quite interesting.
Click to listen

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Vybz Kartel addresses criticism over his 16-year-old son expecting baby

Incarcerated Jamaican dancehall icon Vybz Kartel is set to become a grandfather. The acclaimed musician recently broke the news that his 16-year-old son Akheel Raheim Palmer alias Likkle Addi is expecting a baby boy with his girlfriend.

Likkle Adi and his girlfriend appeared in a photo shared by Kartel with the caption “Congrats to me son & daughter and extended family.”

Photos of the celebrations shared by Likkle Adi on Instagram depicted a baby shower with the backdrop spotting the words ‘Oh Boy’. The blue and white themes asserted the two are expecting a baby boy.

During the celebrations, the couple was seen cutting cake and sitting on white, throne-like chairs. Vybz Kartel’s baby mama and Likke Addi’s mother Tanesha Johnson was seen posing alongside them.

Kartel’s announcement did not augur well with a section of social media users who took issue with the young parents’ age with one writing, “Just another statistic…”

“Him no ready fi that dey road yet, youth young should be focus on his career instead,” wrote another.

Vybz Kartel’s name was dragged into the conversation with his lyrics in his songs “Teenage Pregnancy” and “Mhm Hm” being quoted to show he always advocated for pregnancy, no matter the age.

In a rejoinder soon after the pregnancy announcement, Kartel wrote “One ting me can bet my life pon me never wish bad pon a next man child! Mi see picture a go round but If you never get lock up shut di f*** up!”

Both Likkle Addi and his older brother Likkle Vybz are looking to leave a mark in the music industry after setting up Uptown Gaza (UTG).

On April 3 2020, a three-judge bench upheld the singer’s 2014 conviction for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams whose body was never found.

Vybz Kartel, who commands a cult-like following among fans was charged in 2011 alongside fellow musician Shawn Campbell alias Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones and Andre “Mad Suss” St. John.

My Man Does Not Eat Expired Food- Xandy Kamel Claps Back At A Troll Who Insisted Kaninja Would Cheat On Her

A week ago, Kumawood actress cum Tv host Xandy Kamel walked down the aisle in a private ceremony at Paloma Hotel in Accra.

The actress is happily married to Kaninja, a sports host at Angel TV.

Xandy and Kaninja are in their honeymoon phase and our ears have not rested.

She has been feeding our eyes with pictures of the day, almost always expressing her love for the love of her life.

In her latest interview, she revealed that, they dated for just six months and decided to get married, adding that marriage is not going to change who she is and her husband is ever willing to make it work.

Posting another picture, Mrs. Mensah felt like gloating a little. She says Kaninja is all hers and if anyone thinks otherwise, they should come for him.

A fan with the handle adepa_nyamewaa did not find that funny—she told Xandy her man is only hers whenever he is with her and can potentially cheat on her.

Check out Xandy’s reply below.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

“I make silent moves” Vera Sidika brushes off trolls over ‘fake’ lifestyle

Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika has been having some rough days with her critics and popular vlogger, Edgar Obare concerning her kind of ‘fake’ flashy lifestyle.

Just the other day, the Internet sensation was not spared after her unfiltered, rusty photos surfaced online, with trolls taking the ‘golden’ opportunity to publicly mock her.

She since kept a low profile on social media.

So now, the entrepreneur has proudly spoken about her ‘not so-posh’ house, blasting trolls who were not there when she put in the sweat and blood just to furnish it and even bring it up.

'Bought my house 5 years ago & it’s 5 years later that people wanna talk shit that I borrow house for pics lmaooo 😂'

Vera went ahead to show off her rightly-owned mansion, seemingly shutting off the naysayers. Even though, incomplete, if this is the product of her sweat, then let’s allow her some space.

'Where were y’all 5 years ago right when I got it. Y’all werent available to hate when it was still new. Y’all were too embarrassed to hate lmaoooo'

She sent a warning to her critics who thought they knew her better than she did, because they just cannot see what’s coming.

Promising to drop her next big blessing soon enough.

'This just shows you that God is juts making y’all show your bitterness before I reveal mynext biggest blessing. This one y’all gon die. I swear.'

Vera savagely mocked the Internet’s ‘know-it-alls’ for lighting a fire they might never be able to put off.

'Woi woi woi. Ata heri mngenyamaza tu 😂. Coz sasa mtaambia nini watu 🙆😩'

Woi woi woi. Wish you would only stink 😂. Coz now you will tell what people 🙆😩

A fan additionally exposed how established Vera has become through lowkey businesses and investments not known to many.

'Vera I know you have a house in Nyali but you never show us lol. I’m a landlady so I got an agent and one time I was at the office I had hio title deed ya Vera Sidika nyali…'

'I was like damn Vera you go girl. Anyway, I never even told anyone but kudos if it was you.'

Hesitant to discuss the topic further, Vera briefly responded:

'Hmmmm …but who told you? I only post such for motivational purposes.'

'I make silent moves land, apartments, houses, businesses are my kinds thing. I got tired of cars.'

The beef had escalated after critics, through Edgar Obare snitched on her not so-high-end house that left locals in shock.

She got called out for always parading a flamboyant, polished home in some fancy suburbs, which was apparently not the case on the ground.

This however did not sit well with her, clapping back at trolls with all sorts of insults and comebacks.

Friday, 15 May 2020

Man mauled to death by pet hippo who was 'like a son' to him

Humphrey the hippo had been raised 'like a son' by farmer Marius Els since he was five months old. The devoted animal-lover, from South Africa, was so devoted to his unusual pet he even built him a huge lake on his farm so he could swim in his natural habitat.

Humphrey was rescued from a flood when he was just a baby. But when he became too big for the people who had taken him in, Maurice stepped in and gave him a home.

For years, Humphrey was a much-loved member of the family. He seemed to love life on the 400-acre farm in the Free State Province.

Maurice taught him to swim with humans, a past-time he appeared to relish. He would feed Humphrey and even helped him brush his teeth.

The former Army Major said: "Humphrey's like a son to me, he's just like a human. There's a relationship between me and Humphrey and that's what some people don't understand.

"They think you can only have a relationship with dogs, cats and domestic animals. But I have a relationship with the most dangerous animal in Africa."

Maurice was so secure in his pet's company he was even pictured riding on the 1.2 tonne hippo's back. However, the farmer always insisted he knew the risks of having such a dangerous animal as a pet - hippos are one of the most deadly animals in the world.

The seemingly clumsy beasts are responsible for 500 human deaths every year and is the world's deadliest land mammal. They make look ungainly but hippos have extremely sharp teeth and are aggressive animals. Hippos are believed to kill more people than lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffalos combined.

And in the months leading up to the fateful day when Humphrey turned from being a loyal and loving pet into a killer, there are reports the hippo was behaving aggressively.

Maurice's wife, Louise, is said to have warned her husband about the hippo.

In early 2011, according to reports in South Africa, a 52-year-old man and his grandson were canoeing on the river that passed through Maurice's farm. Humphrey spotted them and is believed to have tried to chase them away. The pair had to spend two hours trapped up a tree before Maurice arrived to tempt his 'pet' away with an apple.

He said: "I call him, and he immediately responds to come and play with me. I feed him apples. He opens his mouth. Big jaws, and teeth like this. It's a little bit dangerous, but I trust him with my heart that he will not harm anybody. I can swim with him. I go in the water. He allows me to get on his back, and I ride him like a horse. He swims with me."

And Maurice's business partner claims Humphrey killed his calves. Not only that but the hippo reportedly also regularly broke out of his enclosure and wandered to the local golf club where he would chase those playing on the greens.

Maurice always insisted the runaway hippo could always be coaxed back to the farm but those who knew him and Humphrey weren't convinced.

One of Maurice's neighbours said: "We tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen." Then, in November 2011, Humphrey turned completely on the man who viewed him as a son.

He bit Maurice to death, with the farmer discovered completely submerged in the river where Humphrey had been rescued six years earlier.

He had suffered horrific bite marks and terrible injuries.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Lydia Forson ‘Takes On’ British Television Station Sky News For Referring To African Threading Hairstyle As “Coronavirus Haircut”

Controversial Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has expressed her disappointment at British Television Sky News for an online publication in which they referred to popular African Threading hairstyle as ‘coronavirus haircut’.

Sky News, a British free-to-air television news channel and organisation which is distributed via a radio news service, and through online channels, published a story titled, “Spiky coronavirus haircut growing in popularity in Africa – here’s why”.

In the said story, the news outlet alleged that “The distinctive style had gone out of fashion after real and synthetic hair imported from places like China, India and Brazil began to enter the market thanks to increased demand by locals and displays in hairdressers across the continent”

Among others, the News outlet also alleged that “The style’s revival is partly related to the financial struggles linked to the coronavirus restrictions, with it being so cheap, along with raising awareness that COVID-19 is real”.

However, reacting to this erroneous impression created by the News outlet, Lydia Forson wrote, “There is a disturbing article on @skynews calling this African Threading hairstyle ‘coronavirus hair cut’. What’s disturbing about the article is that it misrepresents women’s desire to return to this ancient hairstyle which is cheaper during this pandemic“.

“By singling out one country and person views as “Africa” cast darkness on an already negative stereotype of our African hair. Several women are already made fun of, and discriminated against because of their natural hair, this article, instead of tackling this negativity, just adds to it”.

“And unfortunately a lot of this mockery comes from our own people.
We must REJECT this name or another important part of our history will be destroyed through misrepresentation. “AFRICAN THREADING is a traditional styling technique that goes back ages. For this technique, black thread is wrapped around strands of hair from just above the roots all the way to the ends.”

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

YouTuber Maureen Waititu dares critics in bold post-breakup post

Kenya TV host and YouTuber Maureen Waititu has told off critics prodding her to purge and move on quickly following her infamous split from baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It.

Chin up and unapologetic over how she chooses to engage, introspect or offer insights into her life post-separation, Waititu noted that while her story has made her vulnerable, it has strengthened her resolve.

Waititu noted that she is walking a journey of truth – ‘encouraging, inspiring, educating and carrying with her thousands of women and men who draw lessons from her life’.

“In a social media world that people only choose to show the good parts of their lives, I made a very deliberate decision to walk through a journey of truth. I have been having an incredible time getting in touch with parts of me that I thought were long gone hence my fun and light content.

“In addition and most importantly, I have been vulnerable through my story and in return, this has made me stronger than ever thus letting me encourage, inspire, educate and carry with me thousands of women and men who draw lessons from my journey,” wrote Waititu.

Turning her guns on her critics, she watered down their negativity and challenged them ‘unfollow or block’ her page.

She pointed out that she is at a better place, appreciative of the ‘baby steps’ she is taking and reiterated that she has no intention of being dictated on how to live her life.

“Now, I rarely address a bunch of you who aren’t too happy with this but I will today. Lately, I have seen an increase in negative comments suggesting that I need to move on and stop expressing what’s on my mind.

“Do I’ll say two things; 1. If anyone has a problem and can’t seem to relate with how I have chosen to carry forth, you’re on the wrong page. Just unfollow or block my page.

“2. I am very happy with every baby step I am making and I understand that not everyone will welcome my work, therefore again if you have a problem with this, remember that whatever you’re feeling has nothing to do with me, it’s all you. So excuse me as I tell you to look within yourself and fight your own demons. Namaste,” she added.

In March 2020, Waititu broke her months of silence on the split and in an interview with Parents Magazine, revealed the relationship ended, long before the public got wind of it.

“It is to be expected because we put our lives out there and our online ‘in-laws’ who were also invested in the relationship were and are still curious to know what happened. I’m still dealing with it. It takes time to come to terms with a breakup because of the physical and emotional toll… it feels almost like grief because I feel like I’ve lost someone who ideally I wanted to grow old with. It took me to a really dark place and it’s definitely not the way I envisioned things,” she said.

Counsellor Charlotte Oduro Tells Women To Stop Monitoring Their Husbands’ Phones

Controversial Marriage Counselor Dr Charlotte Oduro has cautioned women against the habit of monitoring the phone calls of their husbands and subjecting them to cross-examination thereafter.

She explained that such an unhealthy habit does not encourage trust in a marriage, warning women who have gained notoriety in doing that to stop or risk pushing their husbands to side chicks.

Controversial preacher and Head Pastor of the Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro had earlier expressed similar sentiments.

Prophet Oduro had warned women not to be ‘villagers’ by prying on their husbands’ phones but allow them space and privacy, warning that women who spy on their husbands’ phones do not have a happy home.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

I Almost Travelled Abroad To Go And Act P0rn Before Coronavirus Spoilt My Plans- Oboy Siki Reveals

Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki has disclosed how he almost traveled abroad to go and act in pornographic movies.

According to Oboi Siki,  he was more than ready to travel abroad if a white pornography producer had approached him to act in the adult movie.

Speaking on Adom FM in an interview Oboi Siki revealed that he loves having sex as a hobby so it wouldn’t be bad to paid for it.

On why he didn’t contact Ghanaian movie producers to produce a Ghanaian version, a repented Oboy Siki said he wouldn’t have made enough money.

“I have always said that I will feature in a pornographic movie but now I’ve repented so I don’t have that dream again. Prior to 2019 if any white man had come to pick me to go and act, I would have agreed without thinking twice about it. I will not agree to act in a Ghanaian pornographic movie because they won’t pay much,” he stated.

It would be recalled that the actor last year claimed to have slept with over 2,500 women at age 77.

Davido sends an emotionally laden message to his late mum on Mother’s Day

The celebration of motherhood better known as Mother’s Day is arguably next to Christmas celebration taking into consideration how it’s revered around the world for obvious reasons.

And today, May 10, 2020, is Mother’s Day; Nigeria’s very own Davido has joined millions in wishing their mothers Happy Mother’s Day.

Historically, Davido’s mum “Veronica Adeleke” has parted way with the living. She died in 2003 when Davido was still a kid.

From all indications, the memory of his late mother still lingers in his thoughts as the musician posted a picture of his mother with a Caption

“Happy Mother’s day MAMA ❤️❤️ Keep resting in Perfect peace! We Dey worry dem down here 🌎!!🔥🔥🔥Wish u were here ❤️❤️”

Counselor Lutterodt Wears Wife’s ‘Panties’ As Face Mask To Celebrate Her On Mother’s Day

The ever-controversial Ghanaian counsellor, George Lutterodt has returned on social media with something that will put his name on the lips of everyone as his brand demands.

Appearing at the studios of Neat FM for a studio discussion, the self-styled emotional fixer was seen wearing a lady’s underwear as nose mask and upon interrogation, he said the big pant belongs to his own wife.

“I have my nose mask, I don’t want to have any issue with anybody when I’m in town,” he said as he fixed the underwear.

“But this is not a nose mask. Is that not a lady’s underwear?” host of the show asked.

“You’re primitive. You’re not serious”, Lutterodt responded.

“It’s Mothers’ Day; official nose mask. I hate to be arrested for not wearing a mask. Look at the size. Your wife’s size is what you’re supposed to use. This is my wife’s pant; don’t use a new pant. Use one she’s worn before. This is a sign of showing motherhood on behalf of your children to your wife”, he continued.

Tiwa Savage Accidentally Shows An Ashtray Full Of Smoked Cigarette Butts On Instagram Live

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has set tongues wagging on Instagram after she inadvertently showed an ashtray full of smoked cigarettes on Instagram Live as she was interacting with her fans.

Savage, widely acclaimed as Nigeria’s topmost Female entertainer, was on Instagram live to interact with her fans about what to expect in her upcoming album.

The singer started the live session by talking about how things are hard in the country at the moment, encouraging her fans that the hardships will soon pass.

Many Celebrities had joined the feed including American Singer Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child fame.

Attention, however, shifted when the singer accidentally showed the ashtray full of butts of smoked cigarettes, leaving many fans wondering if the celebrated diva is a heavy smoker.

Nkiru Sylvanus’ Marriage To Oge Okoye’s Ex-Husband Has Reportedly Crashed After 5 Years

The marriage between Nollywood actress Nkiru Sylvanus and Stanley Duru who was formerly actress Oge Okoye‘s husband has reportedly crashed.

It has literally ended in tears for her and Duru—their marriage has been over for almost a year now.

According to Kemi Filani News sources, their marriage which made headlines about five years ago has already hit rocks and ended.

Duru and Sylvanus have quite a dramatic story. Before Duru was even married to her, he was first married to her colleague actress Oge Okoye in 2016, it lasted for six years and ended on the grounds that they both cheated on each other. Oge and Duru have two children together.

Following the crash of his first marriage, Duru got back together with Nkiru in 2014.

According to gossips, Nkiru and Duru were a couple way before Oge came into the picture and it was because of her (Oge) that things did not work out good for her and Duru the first time.

From the look of things, Duru was never Nkiru’s to have because even though they came back together, the relationship could still not stand the test of time.

Florida Governor is slammed for going shopping without wearing a face mask

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was eviscerated on Twitter after sharing a seemingly harmless post showing him supporting businesses ahead of Mother's Day - only he and the two women seen inside weren't wearing masks.

The Republican governor shared the photo in a post, which pictured him at the Rusted Arrow in Pensacola.

'With Mother’s Day around the corner I stopped by Rusted Arrow in Pensacola to pick up some gifts,' DeSantis said in the post. 'Great store in a beautiful downtown area!'

Co-owners Samantha Breedlove and Ruth Cornelius are seen in the picture with DeSantis, and none of the three are wearing gloves or masks.

The owners took to Instagram to share the governor's visit and it appears they had an additional employee actually handle the items DeSantis purchased. While she was also not wearing a mask, she did have on gloves.

'Thanks for shopping small with us today @rondesantisfl! Such a special visit and it was a pleasure to meet you and your staff,' they said in the post. 'Thank you for your continued efforts and support to reopen small businesses in Florida.'

While the Rusted Arrow arrows hash-tagged the photo '#socialdistancing,' no one in the photos actually appeared to be staying 6ft apart.

Folks on Twitter slammed DeSantis for a number of points, especially for not reopening the economy.

But a bulk of those slamming the governor were disgusted that he hadn't taken measures to ensure everyone's safety.

Gov. DeSantis has only advised all Floridians to wear masks in public, but counties like Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade have mandated all residents cover faces in supermarkets and businesses.

Other cities such as Hollywood, Cooper City, Miramar, Miami, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach already have mask orders in place.

'What is with the GOP,' asked one user, who added DeSantis in a group along with President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Missouri Governor Parsons.

Another wondered: 'Where the hell is your mask, jacka*s.'

One person pointed out that one of the women in the store classified as 'high-risk', seemingly because she is older, calling DeSantis a 'clown.'

'Wow photographic evidence they do not care about their customers and you do not care for health or safety of others,' one critic declared. 'Lovely.'

Joe Biden sex accuser claims he made vulgar comments

Tara Reade, the woman who's accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, sat down with Megyn Kelly for her first major on-camera interview and included new details about the alleged incident - and said she wants to see Biden drop out of the presidential race.

For the first time in the telling of her story to news organizations, Reade told Kelly that Biden 'said something vulgar' to her during the alleged assault, which Reade said occurred when she was working for Biden in the U.S. Senate in 1993.

'He said I want to f*** you,' Reade told the former Fox News and NBC News anchor.

Since March, Reade has told reporters that Biden pushed her up against a wall in a Capitol Hill hallway, told her that he 'heard' that she liked him, and proceeded to stick his hand down her skirt and digitally penetrate her. When she froze up and indicated that she wasn't interested, she consistently quoted him saying to her that she meant 'nothing' to him.

In the telling with Kelly, she added the four-letter expletive.

'And he said it low. And I was pushing away and I remember my knee hurting because our knees, because he had opened my legs with his knee and our kneecaps clashed, so I felt this sharp pain,' Reade said. 'His fingers were inside of my private area, my vagina,' the ex-staffer added.

In every telling of the story, Reade said Biden told her she 'was nothing' before walking away. 'I think that's the hardest thing,' she told Kelly. 'Those words stayed with me my whole life.'

'I remember small things,' the accuser continued. 'I remember trying to put my shoe back on because I came out of my shoe and I remember my knee hurting and I remember the smell.'

She told Kelly that she wanted to say 'stop.' 'I thought it, I don't know if I said it,' she said.

She also said she wanted Biden to end his presidential run and face the music.

'I want to say you and I were there, Joe Biden, please step forward and be held accountable, you should not be running on character for president of the United States,' Reade told Kelly, who had asked what her message was for Biden.

Kelly followed up by asking Reade if she wanted Biden to withdraw from the presidential contest.

'I wish he would,' Reade answered. 'But he won't, but I wish he would, that's how I feel emotionally,' Reade said. She previously wrote on social media that Americans should support Bernie Sanders, Biden's former Democratic primary rival.

She then told Kelly that an apology now wouldn't be sufficient. 'I think it's a little late,' Reade said.

Reade revealed to Kelly that she had taken her complaint to both Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris' presidential campaigns when they were still active.

'I tried to reach out to them,' Reade said. 'I didn't get a response.'

She said she chose Harris because as a Californian, the ex-2020 candidate is her senator.

Reade also told Kelly that she would testify under oath and be cross examined, but she'd only take a polygraph test if the former vice president took one first.

'I'm not a criminal,' Reade said. 'Joe Biden should take the polygraph. What kind of precedent does that set for survivors of violence? Does that mean we're presumed guilty? And we all have to take polygraphs.'

'So I will take one if Joe Biden takes one, but I am not a criminal,' Reade added.

Kelly, formerly of Fox News Channel and NBC News, had announced earlier Thursday on Twitter that she had nabbed the first major sit-down with Reade, who previously complained about the big networks not giving her TV time.

'Her story & some tough Q's in a riveting exchange,' Kelly wrote. 'A ton of news coming ... ,' she said and included a photo of both she and Reade.

Since leaving NBC News in January 2019, Kelly has worked for herself, posting interviews to her YouTube channel, and then promoting them on social media platforms.

The first clip of the interview, which Kelly posted on Twitter late Thursday afternoon, began with Reade telling the former Fox anchor about harassment she's endured at the hands of so-called Biden 'surrogates.'

'It's been stunning, actually, how the - some of his surrogates, with the blue checks, that are his surrogates, have been saying really horrible things about me and to me on social media,' Reade said.

'He hasn't himself, but, there's a measure of hypocrisy with the campaign saying it's safe,' she continued.

'It's not been safe,' Reade said. 'All my social media has been hacked. All my personal information has been dragged through. Every person that maybe has, you know, a gripe against me, an ex-boyfriend or an ex-landlord, whatever it is, has been able to have a platform rather than me.'

Late last month, Reade told The New York Times' media critic Ben Smith that no major networks had offered to put her on TV.

'They're just doing stories. No anchors, no nothing like that,' she said.

At the time, Smith reported, Reade was in talks with Fox News Channel about doing an on-camera interview, with 'Fox News Sunday' with Chris Wallace looking to be the venue.

Reade told The Times that she backed out due to getting death threats. A Fox News source told that the network was en route to the interview and Reade canceled for security concerns.

She brought the death threats up again Thursday in her sit-down with Kelly.

'I got a death threat from that because they thought I was being a traitor to America,' Reade said, pointing to some postings that branded her a Russian agent.

'And his campaign is taking this position that they want all women to be able to speak safely, I have not experienced that,' she added.

Reade previously did an on-camera interview with Hill.TV, but when discussing media coverage with The Times, she was referencing major network television, saying she had hoped for a sit-down with someone like Gayle King, the host of 'CBS This Morning.'

Reade has accused Biden of sticking his hand down her skirt and digitally penatrating her in a Congressional hallway when she worked for him as an aide in 1993.

The allegations evolved from what Reade had told reporters in 2019 when a number of women came out and said Biden had touched them inappropriately, though not in a sexual way.

Reade had previously claimed that Biden liked her legs and wanted her to waittress at a Capitol Hill cocktail party while she was on staff. Reade also complained that he was touchy-feely, putting his hands on her shoulders, neck and hair.

'This is not a story about sexual misconduct; it is a story about abuse of power,' she had told Vox reporter Laura McGann, who wrote about Reade's changing story in an essay Thursday.

Reade first told her sex assault story to journalist Katie Halper for her 'Katie Halper Show' podcast on March 25.

'None of that means Reade is lying, but it leaves us in the limbo of Me Too: a story that may be true but that we can’t prove,' McGann wrote.

While a neighbor of Reade's recalls the ex-Senate staffer talking about an incident with Biden in the mid-90s, according to reporting from Business Insider, so far no official documentation has been produced. Reade has also said that the sex assault charges weren't included in any Senate complaint she said she made.

Biden denied the allegations on-camera last Friday on 'Morning Joe,' which was his first television appearance pushing back on Reade's story.

'I’m saying unequivocally, it never, never happened,' Biden said.

Kelly was among the women at Fox News Channel who accused the late Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

Since leaving NBC News, Kelly's video report on how real life Fox News employees responded to the movie 'Bombshell,' a film where she's portrayed by Charlize Theron, was her most widely viewed piece of content, receiving 1.5 million hits on YouTube.

Ghana overtakes Nigeria as Covid-19 number surges

Ghana has recorded 251 Covid-19 cases on Saturday, taking the national total to 4,263.

This makes the country the worst hit in the West African region ahead of Nigeria, which has 4,151 cases.

On Friday, Ghana had announced 921 confirmed cases, its highest daily figure till date.

According to Ghana Health Service (GHS), the huge number recorded on Friday came mainly from the outbreak in an industrial facility.

Out of the 1,300 workers tested there, 533 came out positive.

At the moment, the country has 22 deaths and 378 recoveries.

Ghana’s COVID-19 cases have increased by over 3,000 since 20 April.

This was when the government eased the lockdown in hardest hit regions.

Frank Lampard's home is burgled as thieves target him for the fourth time

The homes of Chelsea boss Frank Lampard and late Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha have been raided by thieves for the fourth time.

Lampard who has a £12million home in Chelsea has been targeted by burglars, report The Sun.

Around £60,000 of jewellery and watches belonging to the Blues legend and wife Christine were allegedly taken.

More than £1million of valuables from Vichai's home were reportedly taken, leaving his Thai family - who still own Leicester - devastated.

His home in Knightsbridge, West London had remained untouched following his passing in a tragic helicopter crash in October 2018.

Detectives are studying CCTV footage of both heists, with a source telling The Sun they could have been carried out by the same group of thieves.

"The family of Vichai are understandably very upset. His house was totally ransacked and a lot of precious and sentimental items were taken.

“The thieves have effectively desecrated his spirit. None of the items stolen during either of the burglaries have been recovered.

"Police are apparently working on the assumption that Vichai’s house and the Lampards were both ­deliberately targeted.”

Lampard's home was previously targeted in 2018 and the details of neither that or the most recent burglary - in December - have been made public by police.

It follows incidents in 2005 and 2008 at his previous home where cars including an Aston Martin and a Mercedes were taken.

Scientists baffled after humans are infected with new strain of hepatitis which comes from mice

Rats have been infecting humans with a new strain of hepatitis E, scientists believe.

A series of cases - most of them in Hong Kong - has baffled infectious disease experts who do not know how the disease is being transmitted, CNN reports.

Hepatitis E, an illness of the liver, is normally spread through water contaminated with the faeces of an infected person.

There are four known strains, only one of which has previously been thought to infect humans.

But since 2018, 11 Hong Kong residents have tested positive for a strain of hepatitis E which was thought to only affect rats.

The most recent case, that of a 61-year-old man, was discovered just a week ago on April 30 by researchers at the University of Hong Kong.

Microbiologist Dr Siddharth Sridhar, who has been studying the unprecedented cases, believes there could be hundreds more people unwittingly infected.

"What we know is the rats in Hong Kong carry the virus, and we test the humans and find the virus," he explains.

"But how exactly it jumps between them - whether the rats contaminate our food, or there's another animal involved, we don't know. That's the missing link."

Although many patients with the human strain of hepatitis E only report mild symptoms, the World Health Organisation estimates the virus killed 44,000 people in 2015.

The illness, which can also cause fever, jaundice, and long-term liver damage, is particularly dangerous for patients with weakened immune systems.

Dr Sridhar and his team are now trying to unpick this worrying new trend, and solve the mystery of how the virus is jumping from rats to humans.

"This should not be happening. We need ongoing vigilance in the public to control this unusual infection," he continued.

In addition to the Hong Kong cases, a report from February 2019 suggests that a man in Canada has also tested for rat hepatitis E.

Dr Sridhar believes it could be a global problem, masked by the fact that testing for the rat variant among humans is uncommon.

Worryingly, the medication which is used to treat the human strain of hepatitis E is less effective on the new strain.

Scientists are now working to find more effective treatments, as well as testing rat populations to try and find clusters of the disease before it spreads.

Austrian city of Vienna tops list of best places in the world to live.

COVID-19: 160 stranded Nigerians depart US for Abuja

The first batch of Nigerians stranded in the United States due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is on their way back home.

It is the third batch of Nigerians to have been evacuated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second batch of 253 Nigerians evacuated from the United Kingdom arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos on May 8.

It came 48 hours after the first batch from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) were brought into the country by Emirates Airlines.

Also, around to bid the evacuees farewell was Amb. Tijani Muhammad-Bande, President of the United Nations General Assembly and Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the UN.

He was joined by Amb. Samson Itegboje, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the UN, among others.

Speaking to newsmen, Okoyen lauded the evacuees for their cooperation and orderly conduct throughout the process.

“It was successful and we are happy that everything was orderly. As you must have observed, the boarding was also orderly,” he said.

Some of the passengers, who spoke to NAN, expressed gratitude to the Federal Government for the special flight arrangement.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Andre Harrell, Founding Father Of Hip-Hop Soul, Dead At 59

Music executive Andre Harrell has been remembered by stars including Mariah Carey and Ashton Kutcher following his death aged 59.

Andre Harrell was known for signing Sean 'Diddy' Combs and was the star's longtime business partner.

The sad news was announced by DJ D-Nice, who posted a tribute on his Instagram page.

He wrote: "Truly heartbroken. Rest peacefully, Andre Harrell."

His passing has been confirmed by sources to, but no official statement has been released.

His loss has been mourned by stars across the music industry, with superstar Mariah Carey admitting she was in tears at hearing the news.

She tweeted: "Why Andre... My heart is breaking and I can't stop crying. He was an amazing friend and I will miss him forever."

Viola Davis wrote: "RIP Andre Harrell...thank you for the gift of so many incredible artists. Gone too soon."

Ashton Kutcher added: "Andre Harrell, wishing safe travels to your beautiful soul."

Harrell started out as one half of rap duo Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde in the 1980s, working with Russell Simmons at Def Jam Records.

He went on to set up his own label, Uptown Records, signing stars including Sean Combs and Mary J Blige.

Despite leaving the label and heading to Motown Records as CEO, working with groups including Boyz II Men and Jodeci, he remained good friends with Combs.

They continued working together, with Harrell serving as Vice-Chairman of Combs' multi-platform music network Revolt.

He also appeared in the raooer's 2017 documentary, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story.

Harrell is survived by a son named Gianni.

“Will You Die If You Fix Nigeria?” – Nollywood Actor Yul Edochie Blasts Nigeria Leaders Over Returned Abacha Loot

Popular Nollywood actor and politician, Yul Edochie who has become somehow very vocal on social media since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying lockdown, has taken to Twitter to lash out at Nigeria leaders over what he believes to be a deliberate attempt not to fix the country.

The prominent actor was reacting to an original post by one Ohimai Godwin Amaize, who was detailing how much positive effect the $311 million Abacha loot which was refunded by the United States, could do in the health sector of Nigeria.

It would be recalled that the government of the United States had returned just recently an amount worth $311 million to the Federal Government of Nigeria as money and assets looted by former Nigerian Head of State, General Sanni Abacha.

However, In his reaction, the Nollywood actor lashed out at Nigeria’s leaders, accusing them of looting the country dry.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West stay at ‘opposite ends of house’ amid lockdown rift

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly been 'at each other’s throats' during the ongoing lockdown.

As a result of their bickering, the 39-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and her rapper husband have been staying at opposite ends of the house.

According to The Sun, the Sunday Service creator and his Skims CEO wife have been arguing as they struggle with parenting duties.

"Kim and Kanye are arguing and at each other's throats during this pandemic," a source told the publication.

"Kim is getting stir crazy, as she's used to being on the go. It's also a lot of time alone with the kids for her.

"She is frustrated with Kanye and thinks he's not pulling his weight in family responsibilities. They've been staying at opposite ends of the house to keep things civil."

As a result of the lockdown, Kanye is reportedly focusing on his artistic projects while Kim has been landed with the majority of parenting duties.

As well as caring for her four young children, North, six, Saint, four, Chicago, two, and 11-month-old Psalm, Kim is trying to study for law school and also run several business endeavours.

At the end of May, a source confirmed to Us Weekly that tempers were running high in the Kardashian-West household.

According to the source, “Kim and Kanye have been arguing a lot during the quarantine.”

They added: “Kanye is really getting on Kim’s nerves.”

The celebrity couple's rumoured feuding comes after reports that they were spending time apart while Kim tried to focus on business projects away from their four children.

Kanye had whisked the four children away to their Wyoming property despite the lockdown for a three-day getaway, to give his wife some time to herself.

Kim, who has frequently had her social media videos interrupted by her kids, is trying to run a KKW beauty empire as well as her Calabasas home.

Kim appears to have downplayed any rumours of a rift in their home and in recent days has shared a number of pictures of Kanye and her children on social media during the lockdown.

My hairline brand is failing in Kenya - Victoria Kimani

After dropping her third studio project Afreaka, singer Victoria Kimani has been on an intense press-run promoting the album.

In a one-on-one with international music journalist Ivie Anie, she unmasked that her hairline brand, Kimani Braids, is not doing so well in the local market.

“The colourful pieces are not popping like I thought they would. Girls here like neutral colours more than bright ones,” she revealed.

The enterprising musician has had a bittersweet relationship with Kenya as she has continually voiced her struggles with the lack of support for local acts.

This not only reflects in the music, as her business ventures seem to be feeling the same effect.

“If you go to certain places with blue hair, for example, they can mistake you for selling something else that’s not music,” she said.

Davido’s PA Crashes With His New Benz He Bought For Him – Narrowly Escapes Death

Davido’s Personal Assistant Aloma has been involved in an accident after receiving a brand new Benz gift from Davido two weeks ago.

However, Aloma luckily he came out unharmed!

According to reports, Aloma has been involved in a ghastly accident as two of his Benz front tyres whirled off whilst the car was in motion.

Fortunately for him, the car only scratched and he’s come out a survival.

Aloma has since reported on his social media page that he is fine and unharmed.

Friends and loved ones are since in jubilation after he escaped death.

Watch the video below;

Senator Dino Melaye debunks marriage rumours with actress, Iyabo Ojo

Former Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye who represented Kogi-West Senatorial District during his tenure in office has debunked speculations making rounds about him getting ready to walk actress, Iyabo Ojo down the aisle soon.

The controversial senator often referred to as “SDM”, made this known in a tweet he shared Today May 7, 2020 on the micro-blogging platform.

Recall that recently, reports went viral on the internet alleging that Senator Dino Melaye intends to wed popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo soon.

The viral reports also claimed the Senator had secretly engaged the said actress sometime ago.

The Senator who became enraged moment his attention was drawn to the viral news, took to his official page on Twitter to debunk the rumours.

“SDM is not a criminal and can not have a secrete engagement” he noted.

“People using me to promote their blogs and for publicity stunt will have to start paying” he warned.

Writing further, the Senator wondered if “match making two different pictures and writing rubbish now equal to engagement.”

Refer to his tweet below;

Mike Tyson snubs Joshua, names top five boxers

Mike Tyson named Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder in his top five favourite current boxers but didn’t include two-time heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua.

Fury, who recently claimed the WBC heavyweight title in a rematch with Wilder, has always earned the respect from Tyson since his comeback in 2018 and the former American heavyweight said he ‘respects’ the Gypsy King. However, he did not mention Fury’s next potential opponent and rival heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua when listing his favourite current fighters.

“I respect Tyson Fury, I respect Deontay Wilder, I respect all of those guys,’ Tyson explained on his own podcast, Hotboxin’.

“Andy Ruiz also, this guy named (Vasyl) Lomachenko – he’s a f****** animal, man. He’s a master, it’s like he’s dancing.

“There’s also Gervonta Davis, there are quite a few guys that are good fighters.”

Tyson went on to explain that boxing has become a very ‘political’ sport and complained that the promoters are not allowing the best to enter the ring against each other and give the fans the bouts they want to see.

He added: ‘The situation is whether they will fight each other. Promoters are not allowing them to fight each other. I’d love to see them fight each other but the promoters don’t want to do it.’

“It (boxing) is very political now. That’s why I think in the next couple months or so you’re going to find that there are some new players in the game and it’s going to get really serious.’

Tyson is preparing for a sensational return to the ring at 53 years old after he mentioned he would like to make a comeback for charity.

He was recently challenged to a fight by John Fury, father of Tyson, and has also been offered about against rugby legend Sonny Bill Williams in Australia.

Young female stalker sends severed pig's head to her victim, bombards him with takeaway meals at home and his office

An alleged stalker sent a man a severed pig's head and bombarded him with takeaways, a court heard.

Tia Mariah McBean, 22 was asked to leave Oralton Robinson, 35 and his girlfriend alone but continued in her harassment campaign, Bromley Magistrates' Court heard.

PC Jane Cullen, on behalf of the Met Police, applied for a stalking protection order against McBean but a judge adjourned and put off making a decision until next month.

The application states McBean 'has carried out acts associated with stalking namely trying to make contact with Oralton Robinson via phone calls and sending takeaways to his place of work and home address.

'She has now sent a severed pig's head to him at his work place. She has been asked by Robinson to stop going to his address and stop calling him and his partner, and to stop sending takeaways to him, but she continues with her behaviour.'

McBean, appeared in the well of Bromley Magistrates' Court, wearing a black jumpsuit and heels with chandelier earrings, made her own application for a restraining order against Robinson.

She claimed Robinson had threatened to post an 'obscene video' of them together and been physically violent towards her.

But her application for a restraining order was rejected due to a lack of evidence and a non-molestation order which is already in force protecting her against unwanted contact from Robinson.

McBean was accused of sending an ex-boyfriend a cursed voodoo doll in 2017.

Then aged 19, she allegedly wrote intimidating letters to Adrian Ranglin before delivering the effigy to him in February 2017.

McBean was charged with sending an article with intent conveying a threatening message but the Crown Prosecution Service later dropped the case against her.

Emma Lewis, for McBean, said the latest stalking protection order - relating to eight alleged victims - would be 'onerous.'

Ms Lewis said: 'It is an application to adjourn we have received the bundle from police this is a very voluminous application its in fact protecting eight persons.

'The requirements are I would suggest on first sight very onerous.

'It will be a contested application especially in relation to the requirements which force her to do something. There is already a restraining order in place.

'There are restraining orders in place and any contact would mean a breach of those in any event.

'The police have got powers in relation to the restraining order.'

Addressing the judge directly, McBean, from New Cross, southeast London, said: 'I would like Oralton Robertson to be prohibited form contacting me directly or indirectly and from entering the street where I live.

'Also it might be a push but to prohibit him from entering New Cross as he has no reason to be there.

'He has subjected me to a lot of harassment and abuse, physical violence, he constantly harassed me, constantly called me up until last week threatening to post an obscene video of us and it is having a detrimental effect on my mental health now.

'I can't cope with it any more and I feel that if more conditions are not imposed on him he is going to continue doing what he's doing.'

Asked whether she had any evidence, McBean replied: 'It's on my phone but I actually left my phone at home today.'

District Judge Sarah Turnock rejected McBean's application and said: 'The test I need to apply for a restraining order is whether it's necessary to protect you from harm.

'Firstly there isn't actually any evidence here at the moment that shows him contacting you. That can be resolved by you bringing your phone in.

'At the moment because you have a non-molestation order in place against him which has exactly the same conditions in place you're seeking for the restraining order and a breach carries the exact same criminal offence, there isn't any necessity because you have the protection you need from the non-molestation order.

'You can make your application again and bring your phone, emails and hard copies and any reports you've made to the police and that's when to make your application because at the moment your application just isn't necessary.

'I'm rejecting the application for today and the non-molestation order is in place until April 2021.'

The hearing was adjourned until 1 June at Bromley Magistrates' Court.

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