Monday, 30 March 2020

#Coronavirus: Provide economic relief for Nigerians, even if it is N50k each- Actor, Yul Edochie tells President Buhari

As Nigeria continues to battle the Coronavirus pandemic, actor Yul Edochie, has asked President Buhari to provide economic relief to Nigerians even of it is N50, 000 per person.

He said this via his Twitter handle

Dear President @MBuhari

Pls provide an economic relief package for Nigerians, even if it's 50k each, it will go a long way. People are hungry, locked down with no money, begging left, right & centre. With the situation like this, it'll be difficult to keep people at home. Yul wrote

His appeal comes hours after the President announced a 14-day lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state as part of efforts to curb the spread of the ravaging virus.

Nigerian student expected to graduate in few weeks dies of coronavirus after being refused test in US

A  25-year-old graduating Nigerian student identified as Bassey Offiong has died after contracting coronavirus.

Bassey who was expected to graduate with a chemical engineering degree in a few weeks reportedly died of coronavirus on Saturday March 28, after allegedly being turned down several times for the coronavirus test in the Kalamazoo area while living off-campus, despite having fever, fatigue and shortness of breath.

Sister of deceased, Asari Offiong said;

"I told him to ask them to test him. He said they refused to test him. One medical staffer told him he had bronchitis.

"I know God has him in his presence. He loved God."

Before his death, Bassey was hospitalized at Beaumont in Royal Oak and spent the last week on a ventilator in their intensive care unit.

In a tribute to him, President of Western Michigan University Edward Montgomery said;

“I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of our students, Bassey Offiong. Bassey was a young man of enormous potential... On behalf of the entire Bronco community, I want to extend my deepest condolences to his entire family, including his sister Asari, who has been generous in communicating with us regularly. They are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

The Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services Department also released this statement saying;

"We are truly saddened to learn of the death of a Western Michigan University student due to COVID-19. Our thoughts are with the student’s family and WMU as they grieve the loss of a loved one. We know this student was not a Kalamazoo County resident; however, this virus has no borders when it comes to who it affects and how it is spread... Stay home and, if you must go out for essential items, stay safe by taking preventative measures.”

Bassey's death comes after the university first reported three positive cases of coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Funnybone threatens to sue Nigerian photographer who arrived from London sick and still showed up for AMVCA

Nigerian comedian, Funnybone has threatened to sue Nigerian documentary photographer, Seun O who arrived from London sick and still decided to turn up for Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) which was held on March 14, in Lagos.

It was reported earlier that Seun O confirmed that he was feeling unwell after a documentary producer warned of a suspected case of coronavirus who might have attended the AMVCA and interacted with a number of Nigerian celebrities. He however never disclosed his health status after the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) sent over a team for a medical test.

Funnybone has however revealed his plans of suing Seun who arrived from London sick and yet decided to attend the AMVCA. The comedian who revealed that he tested negative for the virus, added that he keeps getting calls from family and friends even though the event was held over 14 days ago.

He wrote;

14days after Amvca and I kept getting calls from family and friends asking me the same question , Stanley hope you are good ? Are you coughing ?
Well I am not showing any symptoms yet and I won’t by his grace.

I did the test finally and it came out NEGATIVE. So fam Iam well, alive and safe. Stay safe and be safe

Meanwhile before I forget oga SEUN who arrived from London sick and yet decided to turn up for Amvca . Pls get well soon o and recover fast if nobody will . I will personally sue you to court. But first get will soon you hear.

Coronavirus: EasyJet grounds all flights due to COVID-19 pandemic

EasyJet has grounded its entire fleet of aircraft due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Luton-based airline with 344 planes made the announcement on Monday March 30, saying the decision to ground its planes "removes significant cost" - adding that the group "maintains a strong balance sheet".

The airline said it had completed a deal with Unite that will see cabin crew take a two-month leave of absence as the crisis deepens.

The arrangement, effective from Wednesday, will see staff paid 80% of their average wage through the government's job retention scheme for two months.

In a statement, the airline announced: "As a result of the unprecedented travel restrictions imposed by governments in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the implementation of national lockdowns across many European countries, easyJet has, today, fully grounded its entire fleet of aircraft.

"Over recent days easyJet has been helping to repatriate customers, having operated more than 650 rescue flights to date, returning home more than 45,000 customers.

"The last of these rescue flights were operated on Sunday March 29. We will continue to work with government bodies to operate additional rescue flights as requested.

"At this stage there can be no certainty of the date for restarting commercial flights. We will continuously evaluate the situation based on regulations and demand, and will update the market when we have a view."

22 cars impounded as taskforce team raid clubs defying ban on public gatherings in Oyo

The Oyo State COVID-19 Taskforce on Sunday March 29th, carried out a special night operation to enforce the ban placed on public gatherings in Oyo State as part of measures put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

The enforcement team, stormed various clubhouses in Ibadan, dispersed the crowd and impounded a total number of twenty-two (22) vehicles.

Fashion designer, Marc Jacobs poses completely nude in bathroom selfie

American Fashion designer, Marc Jacobs took to Instagram to share this x-rated selfie of himself posing completely nude in his bathroom.

The 56-year-old is the head designer for his own fashion label, Marc Jacobs, and has a net worth of $120 million. He is currently married to model Charly “Char” Defrancesco.

Nigerian TV Host, Tobi Akingbade shares her scary symptoms after surviving coronavirus

UK-based Nigerian TV Host, Tobi Akingbade has shared her horrific symptoms after surviving a coronavirus infection.

According to Tobi, a medical test she underwent for the virus turned out positive after being in contact with a confirmed case. She further revealed that she had a swollen gland, persistent cough, fever and always felt tired thereafter.

Read her tweets below;

I survived coronavirus. Spent nearly 2 weeks indoors + in quarantine as my body fought it off. Yesterday, I took my first steps downstairs, headed straight to my garden + took a deep breath Wasn’t gonna share this online but I’ve been encouraged to share hope & good news 1/18

Because a lot of us may not get access to Covid-19 testing kits and calls with NHS 111 feel scripted, I’ll share my experience. It may help someone. These were my symptoms... 2/18

Day 1: I’d been informed that I was in contact with someone who had been in contact with someone with covid-19. Nothing serious I told myself, but I decided to social distance anyway. Later I found out I’d been in direct contact with a confirmed case 5 days before. 3/18

Day 2: I develop a very dry cough. And a swollen gland I developed 2 days before Day 1 became very prominent. The cough was persistent making speaking for longer than 40 secs hard. I was extremely fatigued. I’m anaemic and well acquainted with tiredness but this was chronic 4/18

Day 3: A good night sleep did not help. My chest was painfully tight, at first I blamed work anxiety. I developed a fever (was hot + cold at the same time). I struggled to walk and my breathing became shallow + difficult. The muscles in my neck began to ache. 5/18

Day 4: The scariest day. Woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck in my sleep and then thrown of a cliff. The muscles in my face ached. The muscles in eyes hurt. Every muscle hurt. My persistent cough became extremely painful. Developed a painful migraine. 6/18

Day 4: Still with a fever and cough. On this day I became frightful of how my body would force itself to sleep. My breathing was worrying and I feared the worst. I called NHS 111 who confirmed my suspicions and instructed me to self-isolate in my room as I don’t live alone. 7/18

Day 5: I slept a lot. Keeping my eyes open was painful and a core. Wore sunglasses to use my phone. The sunlight made my migraine worst. My body ached and my breathing became worst. Coughing didn’t help. I could feel my lungs getting heavier, every breath got shorter. 8/18

Day 6: Painkillers did not stop the pain. Also stockpiling trends meant even my pharmacist could not help. Was scared to sleep as my breathing was not improving. Could not hold my breath for more than 2 secs. 9/18

Day 7: I became alarmed when I noticed I lost the ability to taste food. Nearly passed out brushing my teeth as it was obstructing my breathing. NHS were too overstretched to help. At this point I was begging God, I didn’t want to die this way 10/18

Day 8: Twitter said that running a humid shower would help breathing. It did for me. I drew my curtains for the 1st time, still needed sunglasses. Body aches stopped. Migraine not so persistent. Coughed less but it was a nauseous and brought up yellowy phlemg from my lungs 11/18

Day 8: Still breathless from just sitting up, sharp pains in my chest but migraine improved. Body temperature back to normal. Coughed about twice a day. Found the strength to find hope. 12/18

Day 9-12: Saw improvements slowly. Was able to hold my breath for 8 secs now. Slept less, was able to WFH at times. Called NHS again due to a scare with breathing, unable to get medical assistance but the problem solved itself. Became physically restless on Day 11 13/18

Day 13: Walked down the stairs for the first time. Thanked God and walked around my garden. Wasn’t sure I’d remember what fresh air would feel like. 14/18

I know the staff at NHS did everything they could for me with the limited resources they had. On a normal day, I would have been accepted into A&E. It was touch and go. Also, I was not tested. 15/18

I've lost several days of my life to this illness. Many others have lost their lives. You can do your part by staying at home, stop joking around & take it seriously. I’m a healthy 28 year old & it hit me hard. I’m grateful to have recovered but I will continue to do my part. 16

Cote d’Ivoire records first coronavirus death

Cote d’Ivoire recorded its first coronavirus death as confirmed in a statement issued by the country's health minister, Eugene Aoule on Sunday March 29.

Though no further details was given about the victim including his age and gender, Eugene Aoule also announced 25 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total confirmed cases in the country to 165.

The announcement was made few days after Ivorian President, Alasanne Ouattara declared a ‘state of emergency’ and imposed a 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. curfew. The country's borders were closed and ‘unauthorised’ travel between cities were also banned. Ouattara also ordered the closure of all restaurants in the country.

He said;

“In the fight that we are waging against the propagation of Covid-19, our principal enemy will be indiscipline and non-respect of preventive orders."

Tanasha Donna finally admits to breaking up with her fiance, Diamond Platnumz

Kenyan media personality and singer, Tanasha Donna has finally confirmed that she has broken up with her fiance and Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz who she shares a son with.

Recall that the mother of one sparked off speculation of their breakup after going off on an Instagram rant and also unfollowing Diamond Platnumz and his family members including his mother.

In an Interactive Insta-Live, Ms Donna disclosed that it's never easy to deal with a breakup, but she will be sharing her story in a Magazine that will be out soon.

She said;

“I know a lot of your guys wanna know about what went down in my relationship and my personal life. This is not something I’m ready to come out with in public just as yet. Its something very personal and everybody as their own timing of coming out with their own stories, so I’m not here to talk about what happened in my previous relationship.

"It’s never easy to deal with a break up but am focusing on what matters the most, but I’m greatful all is well. But will talk about when the right time comes because everyone has her way of handling things. When I’m ready I will talk about it. And in the next few weeks I will tell a bit of my story in a magazine that I’m on the cover because I see everybody want to know what happened”

Here is the video below;

Don Jazzy sends 100,000 Naira to a follower who insulted him online

Don Jazzy chose to take the high road by giving 100,000 Naira to a follower who insulted him online.

It began with the record label boss tweeting: "Baba GOD abeg where make I stand so that when manna fall, e go fall inside my basin.

A follower responded telling him to keep quiet.

Don Jazzy then asked the follower what the matter is, writing: "What's the matter? Are you hungry? You can talk to me. I can help if u don't mind. What's wrong with you?"

The follower admitted that he's hungry and has nothing to eat due to the coronavirus lockdown and Don Jazzy sent 100, 000 Naira to his account.

Other followers responded, begging for money too and he sent to more people.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Raheem Sterling Refuses To Rule Out Sensational Return To Liverpool

Raheem Sterling has revealed that he still has a lot of love for former side Liverpool and refused to rule out a return in the future.

Sterling burst onto the scene as a teenager at Liverpool before departing for Manchester City in 2015.

The 25-year-old didn't leave Anfield on the best of terms but he revealed in a Instagram Q&A he has no hard feelings.

"Would I ever go back to Liverpool? To be honest with you I love Liverpool," he said on Instagram per The Mirror.

"Don't get it twisted, they are always in my heart. It's a team that done a lot for me growing up so..."

Fans have reacted to the news on social media and it's safe to say the wounds of Sterling's transfer has yet to heal.

One user wrote: "Yes, he can pay for a stadium tour."

A second bluntly stated: "He doesn't need to rule it out, we ruled it out for him."

While a third added: "No thank you. City possibly banned from Europe and squad needs an overhaul, and suddenly Mr Sterling still loves liverpool. He has no loyalty, no respect and definitely no class."

The England international receives a hostile reception whenever he returns to Merseyside and he has never scored a goal against his former club.

He has admitted he regrets how his £49 million transfer went down in 2015 as he's gone on to become one of Manchester City's most influential players under Pep Guardiola.

Sterling begun this season in red hot form but saw the goals dry up over the festive period.

He didn't manage to register a goal in 2020 before the season was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Elsewhere in the Q&A, the winger also picked his dream midfield between Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes or Andres Iniesta, Xavi and Xabi Alonso.

To the surprise of many, Sterling picked the English midfielders over the Spanish World Cup winning trio.

"Don't get me wrong, Iniesta, Xavi and Alonso are unbelievable players and they have won everything but, growing up watching Gerrard, Lampard and Scholes...frightening."

It's certainly a controversial opinion.

Joel Matip Reveals Uncomfortable Meeting With Lionel Messi After Champions League Win

Joel Matip has explained the awkward moment he bumped into a 'depressed' Lionel Messi after Liverpool's famous comeback in the Champions League semi-final last year.

The Reds trailied 3-0 going into the second leg, after losing in Barcelona, and were hoping for one of their exciting European nights at Anfield.

That's exactly what they got thanks to goals from unlikely heroes Divock Origi and Georginio Wijnaldum, as they won 4-0, leaving their rivals completely shell shocked.

Centre back Matip has revealed that he met one of those shell shocked Barca players when doing a drugs test after the match.

"After the game, we lined up arm-in-arm in front of the Kop together and sang 'You'll Never Walk Alone' with the fans," he told German outlet 11Freunde.

"That was one of the most beautiful moments of my career, maybe on the same level as my debut for Schalke in Munich.

"I didn't care about anything; I was floating on air after singing with the fans.

"And when I came into the doping test room, there was a guy sitting there pretty depressed - Lionel Messi.

"You know each other from the pitch, but it's not like you sit around with them every day in a small room like you're getting coffee.

"Everyone is celebrating, and I'm sitting in a cubicle with Messi."

Messi's anguish must have been pretty severe. In the first leg, which Liverpool were unlucky to lose 3-0, the six time Ballon d'Or winner looked to have set up a fourth goal in injury time.

Barca hit their opponents on the break, as they sought an away goal, and the Argentina forward decided to pass to an unmarked Ousmane Dembele but the Frenchman failed to convert the chance.

The Reds took the opening in the return leg and, despite missing Mo Salah, won the game 4-0, with Trent Alexander-Arnold's quick thinking corner finding Origi for the Belgian to score the winner.

It must have been doubly galling for the Spanish champions as they had seen a three goal lead thrown away in the Champions League the year before.

In the quarter finals in the 2017/18 season Roma came from 4-1 down to go through to the semi-finals on away goals.

“11 more days to go before I see my baby” a self-quarantined DJ Pierra Makena whines

DJ Pierra Makena was enjoying her stay overseas before Covid-19 saw African nations establish lockdowns to contain the bulging effects of the pandemic.

This clamped down on the sassy female disk jockey who got stranded in Los Angeles, with airlines restricted from jetting into the country – Kenya.

With a daughter back home, but one she cannot physically embrace or hold, instead, only have online video chats with.

It tore her inner being to bits! Her prayer was one:

'please God help!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ i have to get home.'

Fortunately enough, she was able to secure herself a ticket to Kenya, with the help of friends and family.

'FINALLY…!I got a boarding pass and i can see the pride of Africa @officialkenyaairways ……wah mpaka i am emotional! GOD IS GREAT…. See you guys in 15 days๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜– thankyou guys for your prayers and checking up on me…'

Yes, the popular spin-queen finally set foot in her motherland, Kenya. Raising a glass to her online fam and friends who held her hand during the trying times.

'Thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ everyone for your prayers and all! Yaani i made it home.
Thanks for the constant calls and all those who tried to help me secure a flight back home…God bless yaani! Diaspora thaankyou for all the call and offers you gave..even some who don’t know me..still called to check up just because i am Kenyan. Be forever blessed.'

However, it is not all rosy for her, with stringent quarantine measures in place by the government for anyone coming into the country, especially from any of the virus-struck nations.

The female DJ urged:

'Im in for 14 days quarantine. Ill try guys posted

Speaking of the now-global pandemic, DJ Pierra quoted:

'God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way – C.S Lewis –'

Barely 2 days into her quarantine, the multi-talented female DJ cried out:

'Felt better yesterday. Still cant sleep at night.
Spoke to my baby.. and she ia not taking it well. It’s terrible..i feel bad that i can’t see her yet.'

Just 2 days down means she has couple of days to go before physically interacting with her daughter or family for that matter.

She sobs:

'I miss my baby sooo much!!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
She misses me too and does not understand what is going on. I don’t have latest videos of us. I haven’t seen her in like forever…11 more days to go..all i pray is we don’t get a total lockdown such that i can’t even go to my moms after the 14days..please God hear our cries. ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”'

Eto’o emotional message to Ronaldinho as he turns 40 in jail

Samuel Eto’o posted an emotional birthday message to Ronaldinho as the Brazilian football legend spent his 40th birthday in a Paraguayan jail.

Together at Barcelona, Samuel Eto’o and Ronaldinho won two Champions League titles, four La Liga, one Copa del Rey and two Supercopa de Espana titles and formed a tight bond

Ronaldinho, who during his playing days starred for Barcelona and AC Milan, clocked 40 on Saturday and four-time African Player of the Year Eto’o took to his Instagram page to wish his former teammate a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday my brother,” Eto’o said in the video.

“Hello brother, I have no words, brother. I don’t even know what to say, we are talking to see how we can encourage you,”

“You are my brother, my friend. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I can only ask you to have strength and to pray a lot.

“I hope that all this can be solved soon, because you were frankly a good person and a good friend. From here, the black loves you very much and you can count on me for everything you need.

“What I can do, I will do. And if I can’t do it, I’ll ask a friend for the favour.”

Watch the video below;

Fetty Wap's estranged wife Leandra Gonzalez officially files for divorce from him, claims he has a baby on the way

American rapper, Fetty Wap’s estranged wife, Leandra Gonzalez has officially filed for a divorce from him, less than a year after they got married.

In the court documents obtained by The Shade Room, Leandra filed for divorce in the state of New Jersey, citing adultery as the reason for wanting a divorce.

Soon after the news of the divorce surfaced online, the pair took to their Instagram stories to throw shots at each other.

Leandra called him out for being nonexistent in their marriage and alleged that he has a baby on the way, while Fetty who has at least seven children from 6 different women accused her of trying to be on Love & Hip Hop.

Fetty and Leandra privately tied the knot in September of 2019.

Hilda Dokubo calls on Pastors with supernatural powers to heal those infected with coronavirus

Veteran Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo has called on Pastors who are convinced they have supernatural powers to go to hospitals and lay hand on those infected with coronavirus.

According to the actress, those infected with coronavirus need to be healed so everyone can return to their normal lives.

Hilda Dokubo wrote;

Taylor Swift speaks out for the first time after feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is reignited

Taylor Swift has spoken out for the first time since the unedited audio of her 2016 conversation with Kanye West leaked, causing people to side with her in her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The audio of the now-infamous phone conversation between her and Kanye West leaked online over the weekend and shows that Kanye didn't seek her permission about calling her a b**ch in his song Famous.

This led people to call out Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They accused Kim of releasing an edited audio in 2016 to make Taylor look bad.

Taylor Swift has now addressed the matter publicly for the first time.

She wrote in her Instagram Stories: "Instead of answering those who are asking how I feel about the video footage that leaked, proving that I was telling the truth the whole time about *that call* (you know, the one that was illegally recorded that somebody edited, and manipulated in order to frame me and put me, my family, and fans through hell for 4 years)... SWIPE UP to see what really matters."

Swift then sent her followers to the website for Feeding America, the non-profit network of food banks aiding those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

She added: "The World Health Organization and Feeding America are some of the organizations I've been donating to. If you have the ability to, please join me in donating during this crisis."

Monday, 23 March 2020

Most Nollywood actors lift themselves by using sugar daddies and mummies - Wale Adenuga says as he reveals that the film industry in Nigeria is not profitable

Wale Adenuga has described the film industry in Nigeria as unprofitable, adding that things are not going on well as expected with the sector.

Adenuga, who is the chairman of Pefti Film Institute, disclosed this over the weekend in Ibadan while speaking with newsmen.

He said the Federal Government had done its best by providing loans for film making but it isn't enough. He went on to advocate for a total restructuring of the sector.

He pointed out that the actors and actresses who live flamboyant lifestyles are able to do so from other sources outside of the film industry.

He added that "Many of them lift themselves by using sugar daddies and sugar mummies."

He said: "Many people are oblivious of the fact that many of the young Nollywood actors and actresses who live flamboyant lifestyles make their money outside film making. They make people believe everything is alright in the film making.

"You see them building big houses, living in affluence, but their source of money is beyond making the film."

He criticized lack of an organised association to govern the activities of the actors and moviemakers in the industry saying: "Although the average Nigerian may find this shocking but Nollywood is the only industry with no organised association to govern the activities of actors and moviemakers in the industry.

"This country cannot speak of a unified national association of filmmakers, the way that doctors talk about the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), lawyers talk about the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and the gentlemen of the press have the Nigerian Union of Journalists(NUJ).

"It is true that Nollywood has all manners of guilds but these are all based on the sentiments.

"One is persuaded to believe that the inability to come together under an umbrella is one of the reasons why Nollywood have some of the problems that hinder them from the development of the business in Nigeria"

He added that the industry may witness bad days soon if deliberate efforts are not made to address the problem in the industry.

He said: "If things are not checked, there are disasters ahead. The cinemas that we have are too elitist in outlook and the common man cannot afford the luxury. What we need are community cinema houses where people can pay as low as N500.

"If Nollywood is well structured, there would be pension and health insurance schemes to the advantage of practitioners but that is not the case at the moment. What we have are self creations and growth of cabals.

"When there is no structure, there would be cabals. That is why there is high prevalence of abuse in the industry.

"A lot is going on in Nollywood and this is encouraged by lack of structure. Nollywood is the only industry that has no united front. In Nollywood, it is an all-comers affair. Anybody can become a director. There are no ethics and no professionalism. I can say that 90 per cent of the popular artistes in the industry do not belong to any association.

"I can name actors that died without proper care. Our members are too proud whereas all is not well with Nollywood. We just grandstand and create wrong impression. It is only the men that are painting the real picture in Nollywood and it is the picture of poverty. People who are enjoying from the muddy water of the Nollywood will not want things to be reformed."

Coronavirus: UK Government to deliver packages of food and medicine to 1.5m vulnerable people after ordering them to stay at home for 12 weeks

The UK government has announced unprecedented packages of food and aid will be delivered to 1.5million 'extremely vulnerable' people after letters were posted ordering them to stay at home for twelve weeks.

Speaking at the daily press conference on Sunday, Mr. Johnson said the 'shielding' of the people considered to be the most vulnerable to coronavirus would do 'more than any other single measure to save life'.

According to him, they include people with severe respiratory conditions and those suffering from some cancers such as those of the blood or marrow.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said last night that now is the time to 'go further' to shield clinically vulnerable people, and pledged that they are 'not alone'.

'In recent weeks heroic workers in the NHS, social care and public services in local government have been shouldering the country's burden,' he said.

'I think we owe it to them and the most vulnerable in society to stay home, to protect the NHS and, by doing this, to save lives.

'And so today we have to go further to shield the most clinically vulnerable people to help save their lives.'

He added: 'I don't underestimate what we are asking of people, it will be tough, but if you are one of these people I want to reassure you on behalf of the government that you are not alone. We will be with you throughout to support you.'

Mr. Jenrick also revealed that  the Government was creating a network of local 'hubs' to ensure those without family or friends to support them receive their medicines and other vital supplies.

He added: 'This will be a very worrying time for people with these health conditions, but while more people will be required to be by themselves at home, and that's difficult, let's guarantee, that they are never alone, and when all of this is done that we emerge as better neighbours, to each other, as stronger communities and that we are all proud of the part we played in this effort.'

Earlier on Sunday, Mr. Jenrick said that GPs were writing to thousands of patients with pre-existing health conditions and would be asking to stay at home.

Speaking to Sky's Sophie Ridge yesterday, he added that those without a 'family at their side' would be given food medicine and deliveries possible from the armed forces to help them through the crisis.

He said: 'The Chief Medical Office has identified a group of individuals across the country for specific medical reasons, underlying health conditions, who are particularly at risk of coronavirus and we are writing to these people, that's around 1.5 million people in England, and they are asking them as soon as practical, to stay at home and to do so for a prolonged period, perhaps as long as 12 weeks.

He added: 'So the NHS will be delivering medicines to these people through the community pharmacy network and I've been working with councils, with supermarkets, and with the armed forces, to ensure that food and other basic supplies can be delivered to the doorstep of these people, hundreds of thousands of people across the country for as long as it takes.'

As for normal shoppers, he said that there was 'enough food in the system', calling on people to behave 'responsibly and considerately'  

"After 4 horrible miscarriages, God restored me in every way" - Actress Tomi Odunsi shares her journey to motherhood

Tomi Odunsi, who welcomed her child three weeks ago, has revealed her struggles on the journey to motherhood.

The actress said she had "4 horrible miscarriages" before she was blessed with her child. She also lost her "beloved cousin to cancer".

She wrote: "Happy first Mother's Day to ME!!! After 4 horrible miscarriage experience and losing my beloved cousin Funmi to cancer, God restored me in everyway.

"HE came into my life unexpectedly mysteriously and my world is filled with so much joy.
In my few weeks of being a NEW Mum , it's been very interesting and yet amazing, all worth it.

"To all who have experienced lose, God will restore YOU!
"Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers in every capacity of mothering. You are a HERO!"

Actress Debi Mazar tests positive for coronavirus, shares her symptoms

American actress, Debi Mazar took to Instagram to announce that she tested positive for coronavirus.

The 55-year-old actress who is best known for her roles in "Goodfellas," "Entourage" and "Younger", revealed that her husband and two daughters felt the symptoms first, about a month ago.

Mazar said she thought she might have either the flu or Covid-19 and asked a "doctor/friend" if she could get tested for the latter. She was told no because she didn't meet the criteria, including not having traveled lately or been with someone who had recently been diagnosed.

After a test was conducted on March 17, she was sent home and told to quarantine herself until the result are out. The medical test however came out positive.

She wrote;

I have just tested positive for Covid-19.I AM OK!
About a month ago my entire home(husband and two teen daughters) got an odd bug-Low grade fever,headaches,sore throat,body aches,ears ringing and a dry cough.It cleared up quickly.Seasonal I thought?but it felt unusual/different...

Two weeks later,March 15th,I woke up with all those same symptoms but super intense body aches,and 102.4 fever.I figured maybe I got the flu or..Corona?

I had had cocktails the evening prior,and smoked a few cigarettes.
I figured I had jacked my immune system from having a fun night with friends.I called a doctor/friend to ask if I could get the Covid-19 test on 3/16.He said NO,I didn’t meet the criteria.I hadn’t recently traveled out of the country&I hadnt been with someone who had actually tested positive.I found this kind of a CRAZY criteria for a NY’er as I had taken the subway,gone to the theater,the grocery store,the pharmacy,hair salon,etc.I was the Mom who was trying to prepare the home and get supplies&bleach wipes,dry goods.extra food etc.

Because we have Italian family in Italy and we follow the news closely,my biggest panic was why were they not closing schools in NYC &forbidding movement outside the home without permission,like China and all of Europe?

Prospect Park yesterday,i hear was jumpin’!
A friend told me that CityMD/Urgent Care in my neighborhood had test kits,which appealed to me as I wanted to stay away from the hospital.
I went on 3/17.First I was tested for the flu-which was negative.Then they tested me for Covid-19.

I was sent home and told to quarantine myself until I had results,which would take 3-7 days(in S.Korea it takes two hours) is day 5 and I just found out.Im hoping I’ve been through the worst of it already.Its very “morphy”.One day I feel crappy and the next I’m normal.Today my lungs are heavy,but I’m tough.

I can breath,and I’m going to heal here,in my own home!My family is under quarantine for 14 days.They have no symptoms.I think we all had it possibly already?Who knows.

Anyhow,stay home people!Protect yourselves&your loved ones.Build up your immune systems.Good Luck&God Bless us all!

Mazar is married to Italian celebrity chef Gabriele Corcos with whom she co-hosted the show "Extra Virgin" on the Cooking Channel. They are the parents of teen daughters, Giulia and Evelina.

Viral photos of Vice President of UAE Sheikh Mohammed holding virtual cabinet meeting with several ministers on coronavirus

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, held a cabinet meeting remotely via video conferencing on Sunday.

In the viral photos, Sheikh Mohammed can be seen chairing the meeting with several ministers who appear on a large screen as they disccused preventive measures to protect everyone from getting infected with the deadly coronavirus.

Sheikh Mohammed also interacted with young students as he attended the first day of the spring semester in Al Majid Model School in Sharjahmore after more than 1.2 million students resumed schools remotely via distance learning.

According to Khaleej Times, the UAE has taken several steps to contain the disease, including a sanitisation across roads, virtual learning across schools, remote working for government departments, and shutting down of cinema halls and other such locations where people gather in large numbers.

On Saturday, UAE announced there were 153 recorded cases of coronavirus, with 38 people making complete recoveries.

Groom walks out of wedding in Jos, says he planned to disgrace bride 10 years ago

A dramatic scene was recorded in Jos on Saturday March 21, as a groom identified as Mr Rufus Aplang walked out of his wedding ceremony, abandoning his bride identified simply as Judith.

The incident reportedly occurred at God’s Glory Ministry in Jos when it was time for the couple to exchange their vows. It was gathered that before walking out on his bride, Aplang disclosed that he has been planning to disgrace her for 10 years.

The bride collapsed after the incident and was rushed to a private hospital around Plateau State Polytechnic.

Aplang's best man, Peter Sani who disclosed that the couple dated for 12 years before deciding to get married, attributed his friend’s behaviour to some sort of diabolism. 

Eniola Badmus called out for not self-isolating after returning from UK

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has been called out for not self-siolating after returning from the UK three days ago.

The Nollywood actress had disclosed that she practised social distancing during her stay in London. In a video she shared on Instagram, she revealed she is heading back to Lagos for a movie and doesn't want to be quarantined. 

Veteran Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo tests positive for coronavirus

Veteran Spanish opera singer, Placido Domingo, has announced that he has contracted coronavirus.

The 79-year-old, who is currently in Mexico shared the news in a post on Facebook and urged others to be 'extremely careful' and follow the basic guidelines of hand washing and social distancing to stop the spread of the disease.

He also disclosed that he and his family are in self-isolation and that he is feeling well despite having fever and a cough.

He wrote: "I feel it is my moral duty to announce to you that I have tested positive for COVID19, the Corona virus. My Family and I are all in self isolation for as long as it is deemed medically necessary. Currently we are all in good health but I experienced fever and cough symptoms therefore deciding to get tested and the result came back positive.

I beg everyone to be extremely careful, follow the basic guidelines by washing your hands frequently, keeping at least a 6 feet distance from others, doing everything you can to stop the virus from spreading and please above all stay home if you can ! Together we can fight this virus and stop the current worldwide crisis, so we can hopefully return to our normal daily lives very soon. Please follow your local government’s guidelines and regulations for staying safe and protecting not just yourselves but our entire community,  Plรกcido Domingo.”

Last year, multiple women accused Domingo of harassment and abusing his power while he held management positions at Los Angeles Opera and Washington National Opera.

After denying any wrongdoing, Domingo later issued an apology when the American Guild of Musical Artists and LA Opera found the sexual harassment allegations against him to be credible.

Spain is the third hardest-hit country after China and Italy with 28,572 infections and 1,720 deaths in the virus outbreak.

'By the end of the coronavirus quarantine, a lot of marriages will be over as 80% of husbands don’t want sex with their wives anymore - Joro Olumofin says

Joro Olumofin believes that by the end of the coronavirus quarantine, a lot of marriages will pack up as most couples will get bored with each other.

People have been advised to stay at home and maintain social distancing in order to halt the spread of the deadly disease, and according to the relationship expert and psychologist, relationships and marriages are not 'ready for the Quarantine' because it will seem like a social experiment for most couples, staying indoors without any distractions.

For men, he says they are not going to handle the situation well because 80% of Husbands don’t want sex with their wives anymore. He also stated that 90% of Husbands can’t survive without watching sports, betting on sports and going out at night.

For women, he added that 70% of wives will struggle in terms of holding a decent conversation with their husbands, making three square meals and doing house chores.

The ended the post by stating that the quarantine could actually bring some couples closer.

Read his full post below.

Cassper Nyovest has 'written off' plans to reconcile with AKA

It looks as if rapper Cassper Nyovest is nowhere close to reconciling with AKA, especially after the Supa Mega's recent Twitter rant.

AKA straight up disrespected Cassper's parents on the social media platform last week, while trying to push his rival to sign a contract for a “boxing match”.

The Supa Mega later apologised for his comments and many fans hoped the rappers would forge a partnership and become great friends.

But Mufasa felt AKA's insults were too much to forgive and rubbished any suggestions of reconciliation with the rapper.

He told a fan he'd drawn the line and “written off” AKA after his rant.

“My mom and dad? NEVER BRO! The line was drawn yesterday! Thank God they both raised me well and I can think before I act mara da bra ke right off. Let's rather focus on how we fight Covid-19 for now. Second half!”

Cass broke his silence on Thursday afternoon, tweeting that he was disgusted by the insult.

“Someone swears at my parents and it's 'AKA and Cassper are boring'. I'm not innocent at all in this thing, but I have never disrespected anybody's parents or family, so miss me with that because I just wasn't raised as if that.”

The rapper added that “there's a line that you don't cross! Even with enemies!”.

Inside Lerato Kganyago’s traditional wedding

Lerato Kganyago has shared snaps of her lavish traditional wedding to Thami Ndlala, and it was straight out of a fairytale.

The media personality is known for keeping her love life private, but lifted the lid on her special day, which took place on March 14, with snaps on Instagram at the weekend.

With a caption reading “My family over everything”, Lerato is pictured with industry big shots Kaizer and Lesetja Kganyago.

Lerato also shared her special day with Mzansi’s faves, her friends Dineo Ranaka, Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung.

Many didn't score an invite, but those who did shared the couple's special moments on Twitter.

Last week, Lerato revealed the good news on her #AskAMan segment on Metro FM's The Bridge, which she co-hosts with Dineo, Somizi and Naked DJ.

Excited to announced her new status, Lerato said: “I am a woman, I’m a married woman, that is.”

The media personality first put the rumour mill into overdrive a few weeks ago, when she was spoilt on Valentine's Day with a room full of rose petals.

Though Lerato didn't reveal much about the wedding at the time, Sunday World reported that the traditional ceremony was preceded by lobola negotiations and ceremonies to unite the two.

Here's what went down:

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