Tuesday, 14 January 2020

¨We offer you to Nigeria for free!¨ Fed up Kenyans, push for Huddah Monroe´s deportation

Huddah Monroe is one controversial socialite whose outbursts on social media more often than not irk Kenyans.

This time she stepped on Kenyans´ toes and it hurt too deep. According to the businesswoman, there is no better place than Nigeria for her.

Huddah stated she rather live in Nigeria than Kenya. Posting this on Snapchat, she revealed that she was ´tired of being called Kenyan´.

'Lol! I´d rather be called a Nigerian that a Kenyan! Both countries are f**ked up! But I´m tired of being called Kenyan.'

Funny enough, barely in 2019, the riveting lass bashed Nigerian men, further warning women not to even think of dating them.

According to her, Nigerian men are scammers. But this time, looks like the only place she desires to call home, is Nigeria.

Her lack of stand sparked mixed reactions online with many calling upon the Interior CS, Dr. Matiang´i to deport the loud-mouthed socialite to Nigeria for good.

Just say you have noticed the richest man in Africa comes from Nigeria and you just want a reason For Matiang’i to deport you to Nigeria and go and get sympathy from him so that you do your thing. Hey instead of calling Kenyan we will call you Huddah

😂😂We’re really not proud to have you as a Kenyan, so get off your high horse.

Hatters please keep off organize mobilize for her Nigerian dream we want space for Miguna.

We prefer even to keep MIGUNA MIGUNA than to keep you. Useless! Kaa kwa line yako.

As Nigerian you will only add us problems. So please respect yourself

It’s not as if we are not aware of our problems in Kenya,she should stop rubbing it on our faces..she should be kicked out & go yap elsewhere..good riddance to bad rubbish

Do anything for clout

😂😂😂😂😂😂we offer you to Nigeria for free

We are the ones who are tired the more of you being called Kenyan

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