Saturday, 11 January 2020

Man And His Bisexual Girlfriend Reveal They’ve Had Threesomes With More Than 100 Women

Man and his bisexual girlfriend reveal they

A Florida couple who both like engaging in threesomes have revealed they've been sexually intimate with more than a hundred women since they started dating.

Speaking on Friday night's episode of the We TV reality series Extreme Love, Elan, a professional pickup artist, and his bisexual girlfriend, Kat, opened up about their love of bringing other women into their bedroom.

According to the couple, who both met online two years ago, they have threesomes about two or three times a week.
Man and his bisexual girlfriend reveal they

'Since we've been together, we've been with over a hundred partners,' Kat boasts in a preview clip from the episode. 'Our success rate is extremely high.

On their fantasies, Elan, who was previously in a monogamous marriage likes to have 'two girls at the same time,' while Kat wants a partner who will let her continue to explore her sexual interest in women.

'I'm a professional pickup artist. I have a proven method of meeting new women,' he explains. 'I've developed this system over many years of going out and field testing, using my techniques and then coming home and analyzing.'

Elan sees Kat as his 'partner in crime,' and she also believes they're a perfect match.

'He's hilarious, very intelligent, and I think we're just extremely compatible,' she says.

'As a bisexual woman, it's definitely important for me to be with a partner who is open to still letting me explore my interest in women,' Kat says.

Her preference is perfect for her partner, whose 'fantasy is two girls at the same time.'
Man and his bisexual girlfriend reveal they

Elan says being 'socially acute is like having a magic power,' and since he's been in a relationship with Kat, he has been using his talents to find women for the both of them.

He has it down in a way that's totally different than other people will do it, and it works significantly better,' she says of his pickup technique.

'When we first started dating, we were like insane. We would have four or five different girls from every night,' she recalls.

Elan says they now have threesomes about two or three times a week, which still a lot for most people.

'Not every guy really wants that kind of relationship or is comfortable with it,' Kat explains. 'So I was thrilled to find Elan.'

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