Friday, 24 January 2020

Actor Mike Ezuronye Undergoes Eye Surgery

Nollywood actor Mike Ezuronye had to undergo surgery after exposure to harsh movie production light which caused an unusual growth on his pupils.
He said he is recuperating fine.

He shared the above picture with caption:

'Forgive being Reluctant but just had to share..Many don’t know what we go through in the course of our work (FILM MAKING)..Had a growth encroaching the pupil of both eyes cos of over exposure to HARSH movie Production LIGHTS over the Years...(Heard looking into your PHONE/COMPUTER for too long also puts one in Danger)..Advised to get Surgery done,I was Scared...After Surgery, for over 8 hrs ,i was without sight as my eyes were Demanded Tightly Closed,Tightly Shut by the Ophthalmologist Team of Doctors..Hmnnn..These Made me Appreciate more the GIFT of Sight GOD gave me...Goshhhh that I can never ever take for Granted..Scary experience...But GOD is always Faithful..Glad Surgery was SUCCESSFUL and i will be back real soon to my work and Passion...Thanks to my FANS and TRUE SUPPORTERS..(NOTE Pls :Dont adhere to any IMPOSTOR who would want to take advantage to defraud anyone of his or her money...Pls I am Fine and Healing) I love you all always❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️..God Bless 🙏🏼❤️'

Filmmaker Mary Remmy Njoku Talks About Nice People Having Their Limits

Filmmaker, Mary Remmy Njoku says Nigerians are capable of bringing out the worst in you and still turn around to accuse you of changing.

She wrote:

'Nigerians don’t respect humble and honest people. They confuse humility and integrity with weakness and foolishness. Some people can make you bring out the ‘inner madness’ Later na dem go Dey scream say Mary don change! 😡😡😡'

Davido Makes Nollywood Debuts, Stars In Toyin Abraham’s ‘Fate Of Alakada’

Nigerian singer Davido has landed his first movie role already!

Davido is one of the casts for Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham’s new movie, ‘Fate of Alakada’.

Davido stars alongside BB Naija’s Mercy Eke who is equally new in the movie industry and others.

Breaking the news, Toyin Abraham has taken to social media to note that she’s officially part of Davido’s 30 Billion Gang as they’re now working together.

She wrote;

‘I am now officially #30BG💪💪💪
Watchout for @davidoofficial in fate of Alakada 💃💃💃💪’

‘Evil People’ – Nollywood Actress, Ufuoma McDermott Jab Those Asking For Link To Download ‘Merry Men 2’

Nollywood actress Ufuoma McDermott has subtly jabbed those on her social media platforms requesting for link to download ‘Merry Men 2’.

According to her, they are the ‘evil people’ her pastor told her about that they don’t want her to progress in life.

She posted a video of herself addressing the issue on her Instagram page asking those requesting for the link how they will make their money.

Watch video below;

Kylie Jenner celebrates daughter Stormi's upcoming second birthday with a giant billboard

Kylie Jenner is gearing up for her daughter Stormi's second birthday by celebrating with a giant billboard of the two.

The billionaire makeup mogul, 22, splashed the cash for the huge poster to be displayed for all to see in West Hollywood.

In the billboard, Kylie cradles little Stormi while the toddler rests her head on her doting mother's chest, as Kylie teases her new cosmetics collection dedicated to her daughter.

The billboard reads "Stormi", along with the launch date of her makeup collection, which coincides with Stormi's second birthday on February 1.

Africa’s richest woman Isabel dos Santos charged with fraud

Angola’s billionaire former first daughter Isabel dos Santos has been charged with money laundering and mismanagement during her stewardship of state-owned oil firm Sonangol.

Documents leaked this week alleged the daughter of ex-president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, plundered state coffers to build her fortune, estimated at $2.1 billion (1.82 billion euros).

“Isabel dos Santos is accused of mismanagement and embezzlement of funds during her tenure at Sonangol and is thus charged in the first instance with the crimes of money laundering, influence peddling, harmful management … forgery of documents, among other economic crimes,” prosecutor general Helder Pitta Gros told a news conference late Wednesday.

Investigations into Isabel dos Santos’s 18-month tenure as Sonangol head from June 2016 were opened after her successor Carlos Saturnino raised the alarm about “irregular money transfers” and other dodgy procedures.

Dubbed Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos is accused of using her father’s backing to plunder state funds from the oil-rich but poor southern African country and moving the money abroad with the help of Western firms.

She stopped living in Angola after her father, who ruled the country with an iron fist for nearly 40 years, stepped down in 2017 for his anointed successor Joao Lourenco.

Gros said dos Santos was among five suspects, all of whom are currently residing abroad.

“At the moment, the concern is to notify and get them to voluntarily come to justice,” said Gros.

¨Dating her is like sitting an exam daily¨ Anne Kansiime's young lover confesses

Ugandan comedienne, Anne Kansiime´s young lover has revealed that it is tasking, dating the celebrated Queen of comedy.

The young man who was initially Kansiime´s employee admitted that dating her is like going to class every day.

During his interview with Pulse Uganda, Skylanta however assured that having worked with her and known her likes and dislikes, it is easy for him to deal with her.

'I want to tell you this from my heart, out of love for Anne, dating her is an examination I face on a daily basis. Imagine doing a mathematics paper every day, and on a weekend, they give you physics and chemistry, that is Anne.'

A relationship that received criticism from across the board. One for its age difference and two, for Kansiime´s fast move in taking up a new lover after the breakup with hubby.

'There is a beautiful side of all this. She challenges me to be better. She challenges me intellectually and we talk about important things.'

However, despite the trolls, the two have proven the world wrong, sharing cuddled-up moments that remain envy to many.

¨I'm tired of being picked on!¨ Songbird, Avril responds to Naiboi's backlash

The start of 2020 has not been as kind to Kenyan artists, Avril and Naiboi. The two started the new decade with beef that just seems not to die off.

Naiboi called out Avril for missing his ´2 in 1´ shoot that ended up being a hit in Kenya and beyond. However, Avril had her reasons but Naiboi is not going to give her a listening ear.

Speaking in regard to the beef during her recent interview with Milele FM, the curvy songbird shared:

'He is the one who started the beef. I had just delivered my baby and I was in recovery mode though no one knew. He sent me a message asking if it was possible for me to do a video and I agreed. Little did I know he wanted it immediately.'

Avril, who had just delivered and wanted to keep the news a secret, didn´t know how to respond to an insisting Naiboi.

'He kept sending messages asking for the video yet I hadn´t recorded it. I decided to go silent because I had a lot of things going through my mind.'

Away from the beef, the ravishing beauty disclosed that she delivered through episiotomy.

'I had a problem sitting down and yet Naiboi wanted me to do makeup and shoot the video. I didn´t have that time. So when I said I didn´t feel like it, it´s true.'

Episiotomy is a surgical cut made at the opening of the vagina during childbirth, to aid a difficult delivery and prevent rupture of tissues.

Responding to Naiboi´s post, Avril said that she had had enough of being picked on:

'I got to a point and was like, I won´t be picked on every single time. As a female artiste, I take it personally. I need to stand up for at least one or two. Akwende (Naiboi). Makasiriko ya 2018 wacha.'

Admitting that she has been picked on severally including by Starehe MP, Charles Njagua and she is not going to stand any more.

Former Arsenal striker Lukas Podolski completes move to Turkish Super Lig side Antalyaspor

Former Arsenal striker and German footballer, Lukas Podolski, has completed a move to Turkish Super Lig side Antalyaspor on a free transfer.

The retired Germany star, 34, was a free agent after he ended his three-year stay in Japan with Vissel Kobe, where he bagged 17 goals in 60 appearances as well as winning the Emperors Cup with the Japanese club. He also won the World Cup with Germany in 2014.

Antalyaspor are currently in the relegation zone after 18 matches but with the addition of Podolski in the team, the club will be hoping his arrival can help them get out of relegation.

Lukas Podolski, who also played for Arsenal between 2012 and 2015 scored 31 goals in 82 games for the premiership club.

Andy Ruiz Jr. sacks his coach Manny Robles one month after losing to Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruiz Jr. has sacked his coach Manny Robles who helped him to defeat Anthony Joshua in June last year.

Robles coached Ruiz and helped him defeat the odds to beat Joshua in June 2019 before Joshua came back to school the Mexican-American six months later in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Now a month after Ruiz' defeat, Robles has been sacked by Ruiz as he prepares to mount a come back in 2020, but Robles has blasted Ruiz saying he refused to listen to him or his dad after winning the heavyweight belts from Joshua and his stubbornness eventually led to his loss six months later.

Speaking to ESPN,  he added that the relationship between him and Ruiz was never going to work going forward because Ruiz 'wasn't listening'.

'I've seen it coming, I'll be honest with you,' he said. 'Andy was just doing whatever the hell he wanted to do. The dad, obviously with him being the manager, he just had no control over his son. None of us had control of him, for that matter.

'So I just saw it coming, it wasn't going to work because he wasn't listening. He's not listening to me, he's not listening to his dad, he's not listening to anybody. He said it himself after the [post-fight] press conference..

'Fortunately for me, Andy took the blame on himself and didn't sit there like a majority of fighters and blame the coach.'

Robles said the decision was taken by the fighter's promoter Al Haymon to give him a fresh start.

'They apparently told them that they didn't want the same thing to repeat itself again,' Robles continued.

'It is what it is, I don't know what to tell you. It's not the first time it's happened to me. I'm absolutely grateful and blessed to have been able to experience everything that I was able to experience in 2019

Speaking after his one-sided loss to Joshua in December, Ruiz said his emotional victory over his rival last year had put him on cloud nine ..

'I think I ate everything... EVERYTHING... that's why I gained so much weight,' he said...
I was having too much fun, I was celebrating too much. Even out of shape, even the way that I was training back and forth (between Mexico and California)... f******, I did pretty good, dude! I did pretty good! But, I wish I had taken it more serious.'

'I mean, we made history, and I have to be thankful for that. I have to be thankful to Andy and his dad for giving me the opportunity to be part of something special, to have made history – for him to become the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world.'

Actress Annabella Sciorra testifies in court that Harvey Weinstein allegedly brutally raped her

American actress, Annabella Sciorra on Thursday testified in court that disgraced film producer, Harvey Weinstein allegdely raped 25 years ago.

In an emotional testimony, Annabella, who is one of the first of six women to testify, said that the movie mogul whom she first met at a party in Los Angeles sometime in 1990, raped and sexually assaulted her at her Manhattan apartment in the winter of 1993-1994.

According to her emotional testimony, Ms. Sciorra had dinner with Mr Weinstein in the winter of 1993-94. The Hollywood mogul then offered to drive the actress back to her Manhattan apartment.

Minutes later, she heard a knock at her door after Mr. Weinstein dropped her off. As soon as she opened the door, the producer shoved his way into her apartment and chased her to her bedroom where he pinned her to the bed during the alleged attack.

She said she tried to run to the bathroom, but "he kept coming at me. I felt overpowered because he was very big," Sciorra told jurors.

"He got on top of me and he raped me," she said. "He had intercourse with me and I was trying to fight him, but I couldn't fight anymore because he had my hands locked."

She said he then forcibly performed oral sex on her, telling her: "This is for you."

"It was just so disgusting that my body started to shake in a way that was very unusual," she said. "It was like a seizure or something."

Ms. Sciorra said she confronted Mr Weinstein at a dinner weeks later. His response was "menacing", she said. The producer allegedly leaned into her and said: "This remains between you and I."

"It was threatening and I was afraid," the actress testified.

She also claimed that Mr. Weinstein continued to harass her after the alleged rape.

At the 1997 Cannes Film Festival, Ms. Sciorra said she opened her hotel room door to find Mr. Weinstein standing in front of her, holding a bottle of baby oil and a movie tape.

She ran back inside her room and Mr Weinstein eventually left. "I got very scared," she said.

When asked by prosecutor Joan Illuzzi why she did not call the police, Ms. Sciorra said she was "confused".

"He was someone I knew," she said. "I felt at the time that rape was something that happened in a back alleyway in a dark place."

According to her, the attack left her traumatised that she began drinking and cutting herself, smearing her blood on to a wall.

Mr. Weinstein who has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 80 women also faces five charges related to the alleged rape of Jessica Mann and forced oral sex of Mimi Haleyi.

Three other women are expected to testify as "prior bad acts" witnesses in an attempt to show a pattern in Weinstein's behavior.

The New York trial is expected to conclude in early March.

Ex-Southampton midfielder Jhon Viafara extradited to US after being accused of smuggling two tonnes of cocaine worth £21M from Colombia

Former Southampton midfielder, Jhon Viafara, has been extradited to the US from his home country Colombia to face drug-smuggling charges.

Prosecutors in Texas have accused Viafara of conspiring with members of the Gulf Cartel to organise cocaine shipments that left Colombia on speedboats.

The 41-year-old, who was arrested last year on a US drug warrant is accused of importing two tonnes of cocaine worth £21million into the United States.

Photos released by Colombian police show officers escorting him to a small jet at Bogota's international airport headed for Texas.

Before boarding the plane to the States, the former football star told reporters of his time behind bars in his country.

He said: 'I used to share a changing room with Messi, but now I'm having to share a room with somebody who has been at war in our country.'

The former Colombia international who retired from football in 2015, played for Southampton, Real Sociedad, Portsmouth and La Equidad among other clubs.

Javier Hernandez Tells His Father The 'European Dream' Is Over In Emotional Phone Call

Javier 'Chicarito' Hernandez emotionally called his father to tell him the 'European Dream' is over following a transfer to LA Galaxy.

The Mexican forward spent the first half of this season at La Liga outfit Sevilla but he's made the move stateside in recent days.

Chicarito has spent over a decade playing in Europe and footage has emerged of him telling his father he's making a return to North America.

:sob: Duele mucho verlo y escucharlo así :loud_sound:

Chicharito reconoció entre lágrimas con su familia que NO quería irse de Europa y que sólo buscaba "jugar" en el Sevilla porque se creía aún capaz :confused:

The 31-year-old tell his father before breaking down into tears:

"It's almost certain that I'm going to LA [Galaxy].

"Everything is perfect dad, it's only that... well it's like the beginning of my retirement you know?"

"We are retiring from the European Dream."

His father attempts to argue that his career isn't over but the Premier League winner goes on to explain further.

"I know dad but look, what I mean is that we're saying goodbye to a career that we put a lot of effort on.

"I know you guys feel it and we're gonna look at the bright side and it's going to be amazing.

"But it was 10 years, that's what making me nostalgic and cry. It's not that I can't do it, it's just saying goodbye to this beautiful experience and to a part of me that's no longer going to be there.

"Also, this is another dream, it's different, of course, but it isn't easy. But we're going to be closer, I'm going to see you guys a lot more."

The diminutive forward has been criticised for likening leaving Europe to 'retirement', but his commitment on the pitch cannot be doubted given his track record.

Hernandez enjoyed most of his European success while at Manchester United.

Signing in 2010 from Guadalajara, he became a cult hero at Old Trafford and won two Premier Leagues under Sir Alex Ferguson.

He left the Premier League for Bayer Leverkusen in 2015 and reignited his career in the Bundesliga.

Following 28 goals in 54 games, he returned to England with West Ham United in 2017 but never replicated the form he showed at Old Trafford.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather In A Hybrid Fight After UFC 249

Khabib Nurmagomedov's father Abdulmanap wants his son to fight Floyd Mayweather after UFC 249, but under one outrageous condition.

Nurmagomedov is set to defend his UFC lightweight title against Tony Ferguson in April, while Mayweather will return to action this year after striking a deal with Dana White.

The undefeated boxer teased a mega-event with Nurmagomedov following Conor McGregor's victory against Donald Cerrone.

And it appears his Instagram post has alerted Team Nurmagomedov as Abdulmanap has responded to his call out by laying out plans for a hybrid event, which would consist of 11 rounds of boxing and one round of MMA.

He also says Khabib would work with multi-weight champion Vasyl Lomachenko for six months in preparation for Mayweather.
"Mayweather has statistics on fights of 50 wins and zero losses, he is the greatest in boxing and he wants to fight with the same champion who did not lose a single fight, with Khabib, everything is fine, but now we have Tony Ferguson on the line," he told TASS.

"We said a long time ago: let us finish with Tony, after that we will work with [the team of Ukrainian boxer Vasily] Lomachenko for six months, then there will be a boxing fight. We offer any day anywhere, with only one condition: 11 rounds in boxing and one in mixed martial arts (MMA).

"We will stand 11 rounds against the best boxer, so why not go one round according to the rules of MMA with us? But all things will happen after Tony."

Mayweather called time on his career in 2017 after beating Conor McGregor to record his 50th professional win.

But he's set to end his retirement and lace up the gloves as he works with the UFC president for a "spectacular event" in 2020.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Liverpool are 10 away from equalling Arsenal's Invincibles... but their 49th game is a trip to Manchester City

Liverpool's incredible season has got fans dreaming beyond ending their 30-year wait for a league title.

With 21 wins from 22 games so far, they are chasing a Premier League record points total and a shot at an unbeaten season.

It has already been 39 games since Jurgen Klopp's side were last beaten in the league by last season's champions Manchester City in January 2019.

And it's a trip to the Etihad Stadium, the scene of that last defeat just over a year ago, that would see Liverpool equal Arsenal's incredible 49-game unbeaten run between 2003 and 2004.

Leroy Sane's strike decided that game in 12 months ago, and ultimately the destination of the league title with City pipping Liverpool by just a point.

By quirk of fate, if Liverpool and City maintain their current pattern of results, it's the game where the Reds could seal the title, as they need only 30 more points.

Ten wins from the next 10 would do it.

But they face some tricky assignments ahead of the trip to Manchester in early April.

Wolves lie in wait at Molineux on Thursday, while no one would relish bursting Liverpool's bubble more than Everton.

Liverpool go to Goodison Park in mid-March, where they have not been on the losing side in nearly a decade.

Crystal Palace at home could be awkward - they are after the last visiting team to win at Anfield in the league in April 2017 - while Southampton, Watford and West Ham won't be so straightforward.

While matching Arsenal's Invincibles is a target in itself, they will have to keep going for a further six games to go a whole season unbeaten - as Arsene Wenger managed in 2003-04.

Those final half a dozen games include a final home game against Chelsea, and going to Arsenal in early May - where the Emirates Stadium will be desperate to stop Liverpool sharing their glory.

Arsenal's own unbeaten run ended in infamy some 15 years ago, when Manchester United claimed a 2-0 win in a tempestuous game at Old Trafford.

Ruud van Nistelrooy and Wayne Rooney both scored, the first goal from a contentious penalty won by Rooney.

In the years since it has become known as the Battle of the Buffet after Cesc Fabregas threw pizza at Sir Alex Ferguson in the tunnel after the final whistle.

R. Kelly to stand trial in September for sex attack on hairdresser

Cook County prosecutors said Wednesday they intend to take embattled R&B singer R. Kelly to trial first on their only indictment involving an accuser who was an adult at the time of the alleged attack.

The decision comes as a bit of a surprise since the other three Cook County indictments facing Kelly involve women who were underage at the time. One of those cases involves four counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault, a more serious charge than the aggravated criminal sexual abuse counts he otherwise faces.

Kelly did not appear at the brief hearing Wednesday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building due to a medical issue, his attorney, Steven Greenberg, said in court. He is being held without bond in a federal jail in downtown Chicago.

Prosecutors said they would go to trial first on a charge alleging Kelly tried to force oral sex on a woman identified in court documents only as L.C., his 24-year-old hairdresser, on Chicago's Near North Side in 2003. He is charged with a single count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in that case.

Lanita Carter has since come forward publicly, saying she went to braid Kelly's hair on Chicago's Near North Side in 2003 but that he greeted her with his pants down. When she resisted, Kelly ejaculated on her and spit in her face several times, prosecutors have alleged.

Video: Star Wars actor shares sweet moment he surprised parents with new home

'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' actor John Boyega  took to social media this week to reveal the moment he surprised his mom and dad Samson and Abigail with their own home.

Speaking on an Instagram video, he said: "I just bought my mom and dad a house. I’ve always wanted to do that. I'd like to say thank you for everything that you've done. I've decided to do a secret project for a few months and I'm here to tell you there’s no interview. That was a lie. This is your house that I'm presenting to you. This is your new house, it belongs to you. There's no lie, this is your house. We've been planning this for four to five months. It's a small token, but I just thought it's best that you live in an environment and place where you’re happy and you have space and privacy. Congratulations."

And John was full of gratitude to his parents for all they had done for him.

He added: "It's your prayers that has got this because the skill and ability that I've received has been from your prayers and I cannot ignore what God has used my parents to do in my life. And this is just my physical appreciation. Honestly from the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much for everything you’ve done."

The 27-year-old actor - who hails from Peckham, south London - admitted his parents have become his "babies" the older that they get.

He shared: "As your parents get older, they become your babies. They’re curious every day about who you are as a person.

"I can tell that my parents are very much aware of the limited time a human being has on this planet. And they’re really trying as much as possible just to communicate. They’re always showing love. We’ve managed to build such a nice bond. It’s cool."

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Brad Pitt 'naive' about frenzy surrounding Jennifer Aniston reunion

Brad Pitt is "blissfully naive" of the excitement surrounding his backstage reunion with Jennifer Aniston as he's not read any headlines about them.

The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor and his ex-wife caused a stir earlier this week when they were pictured holding hands and embracing at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards but despite the widespread frenzy, the 56-year-old hunk - who has six children with second ex-wife Angelina Jolie - insisted he knows nothing about it.

Claiming he hadn't read the headlines, Brad told "Entertainment Tonight": "I don't know. I'm blissfully naïve and I'm gonna stay that way."

A number of stars couldn't hide their excitement about a possible reunion between the former couple - who split in 2005 - after the backstage pictures surfaced.

Commenting on an Instagram post featuring the images, Jamie Lynn Spears exclaimed in capital letters: "We will be telling our grandkids about this. That's how important this is."

And Rumer Willis added: "My tender heart can't take this."

Brooklyn Decker pointed out about Jennifer's hand: "Is that a finger under a lapel?"

Despite Brad's comments, insiders claimed both he and the 'Morning Show' actress have "laughed about" the reaction to them being photographed together.

A source said: "Brad and Jen started talking after their relationships ended. They have seen each other but only occasionally and casually.

"Jen frequently gets photographed, so she was conscious of avoiding Brad because, while she has always adored him, she never wanted to start any rumours.

"She didn't realise how huge of a reaction the public would have to them. They both have laughed a bit about it."

But fans shouldn't be getting their hopes up about a potential romantic reunion as another source insisted they have simply experienced "nothing more than fun run-ins" during awards season.

The source said: "Brad and Jen look sincerely happy. They definitely worked on their friendship as their encounters are very genuine. Brad adores her and is really enjoying his moment in the sun."

Moshe and Phelo celebrate their one year anniversary

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala celebrated their one year anniversary with an intimate date on Monday.

The Telkom ambassador surprised his fiance with the celebratory lunch at the Gemelli Cucina Bar and decorated their table with flowers, a number one balloon along with blue, pink and whites ones too.

Taking to their respective Instagram accounts, the engaged couple shared snaps from their Bona Magazine shoot of them lovingly looking and embracing each other.

Ndiki's captions reads: "Happy One Year Anniversary to my biggest teacher. Not sure of a lot of things in life but I know that I’m loved..fully..Without reservations by you. 365 days later (minus ubana) and here we are ..I love you, Hope you’re enjoying your surprise."

While Bala said in post one post: Here’s to our 1st year anniversary of being together (without the on’s and off’s through out the past 6 years). It has been quite a journey.

"We stuck it through. This is a pretty special day for me cause you’re my first EVER 1 year anniversary!!! It could have only been with you! That’s why I’m still with you and I chose you! You’ve always been so patient with me and never given up on us. I love you so much, Mumu! My Bunny! We actually ARE growing older together".

And his second post reads: "anniversary surprise from the world’s best better half!! @moshendiki! My aunt doesn’t call you a love thug for nothing".

The happy couple haven't publicly stated when their big wedding day is, but it looks like it's going to a day filled with love.

Stephen Eze Joins Kazakhstan Club Tobol

Kazakhstan Premier League club Tobol have announced the signing of former Sunshine Stars of Akure defender, Stephen Eze on a permanent deal.

Ahead of the commencement of the 2020 league season in March, Tobol moved to strengthen their defence with the signing of the former Lobi Stars defender.

The 25-year-old left Bulgarian top-flight side Lokomotiv Plovdiv as a free agent after they opted not to renew his contract.
Eze moved to Plovdiv from Kano Pillars in January 2018, signing a two-year contract and he made 57 league appearances across two and a half seasons with three goals to his name.
During his time in Bulgaria, the Nigeria international won a Cup title and claimed a runners-up medal in the Super Cup.
Following his unveiling in Kazakhstan, the Super Eagles centre-back penned a farewell message to Lokomotiv Plovdiv and appreciated them for giving him his first taste of European football.
“As I begin the journey of the next phase in my football career, it’s time to say thank you to everyone at Lokomotiv Plovdiv FC; the management, the players, the physiotherapists, the coaching team, the backroom staff and everyone who has made my time at the club memorable,” Eze wrote on Instagram.
“You have helped me grow as a footballer and I will always be grateful for that. To our fans, where do I begin to thank you for your tremendous support. From the time I arrived in Plovdiv, you have made me feel more than welcome, cheered for me, encouraged me, stood by me in my good days and even on the not-so-good ones, and always given me the strength and encouragement to do my best on the pitch.
“You are the best fans in the world, and I will never forget your kindness and will be forever grateful for your love and support! It’s Adios for now, but Plovdiv will always stay in my heart.”

Wilfred Ndidi’s Returns Inspires Leicester To 4-1 West Ham Thrashing

Super Eagles’ Wilfred Ndidi showed class as he inspired the Foxes to their first win in three matches in the English Premier League match against West Ham Wednesday night, can report

Leicester City are back to winning ways in the EPL and they did it on the return of midfielder Wilfred Ndidi after a surgery.

Leicester had suffered two defeats against Southampton and Burnley in the absence of the Nigerian international who has now cut short his expected time of recovery from six to just two weeks.

Two late goals from Ayoze Perez complimented first-half strikes from Harvey Barnes and Ricardo Pereira.

Leicester City got off to a bright start on Wednesday and gained dominance immediately, Maddison dummied the cut-back and it ran to Vardy, who can’t bring it under control, started falling over and speared a shot straight at Randolph.

After just 13 minutes of play, Leicester have had 84% of possession and most of West Ham’s 16% has presumably been the time the ball has spent in the air after goal-kicks.

Leicester’s pressure paid off in the 24th minute.

Pereira bursts into the penalty area and hits a cross-shot that would have gone wide had Barnes not thundered in to smash it home from half a yard. Happily, the six-yard line made it abundantly clear with a simple freeze-frame that Barnes was behind the ball when Pereira hit it.

VAR needed to check it, and it was confirmed the goal stands.

Just after the half-hour mark, Mendy went down off the ball, needing medical attention, he was grimacing and pointing to his left knee, and so was substituted for Wilfred Ndidi who is making an appearance just 13 days after knee surgery.

Then came another injury setback for Leicester City, Vardy booted the ball with his left foot and immediately clutched his left buttock and collapsed. The entire stadium seems to have fallen silent, as the physio got to work on his left leg.

He could not continue and was replaced with Kelechi Iheanacho in the 44th minute.

With five minutes added, Leicester doubled their lead when Barnes got down the left, cut inside and picked out a lovely pass to Ricardo Pereira, bursting into the right-hand corner of the penalty area, he thumped a shot back across goal and in.

West Ham pulled one back five minutes into the restart with a good strike by Mark Noble from the penalty spot. The goal came after VAR confirmed Ndidi made contact with Haller’s knee inside the danger area.

The goal gingered the Hammers as they started asking more questions. One minute after the hour-mark, Antonio won the race to a ball lifted down the right flank and translated it into a corner, from which he very nearly backheeled past Schmeichel.

Ten minutes later, Leicester ran down the other end, slicing and dicing West Ham’s rearguard along the way, and Perez had a shot that Randolph palmed behind.

Leicester put the game to rest as it entered int’s final ten minutes when Ogbonna tried to stop Iheanacho inside the area, and got man before the ball, forcing the ref to point to the spot.

Ayoze Perez stepped up to it and converted nicely to put Leicester 3-1 ahead.

Leicester had enough time to add to their tally before the sound of the final whistle. The ball came in from the right, off Perez to Iheanacho, and back off Iheanacho to Perez, and his snap-shot went in off the far post to complete his brace.

Why Super Eagles Coach Gernot Rohr Missed Qatar 2022 Qualifying Draw In Egypt

Facts has emerged on why Super Eagles handler, Gernot Rohr was absent at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying draw held in Egypt on Tuesday. gathered that the German coach was missing because he needed to attend to his tooth problem which he underwent surgery in his native county, Germany earlier in the week.

An official of the Nigeria Football Federation told ESPN that the coach missed the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifying draw ceremony in Cairo, Egypt on Tuesday because he was recovering from dental surgery.

“I am ok now [from the surgery]. I was not been invited for the draw,” the gaffer revealed.

Rohr insisted that he never received an invitation, which has led to suggestions that his contract tiff with the NFF might have been the reason.

Reacting to the draw which paired the Super Eagles with Cape Verde Island, Central African Republic and Liberia in Group C of the series, Rohr said: “I saw the groups.

“There are some very tough groups, when I see Cameroon and Ivory Coast together.

“Our group is also a tough group because Cape Verde is a very good team.

“They have very good players playing in Portugal, some of them in France.

“So it will not be easy to beat this good team of Cape Verde.

“It was not easy against Liberia when we went there for the last match of the president.

“We won it, but it was not easy.”

Nigeria have never before played Central African Republic, one of very few teams in Africa they have never met in a friendly or competition.

Rohr said: “They don’t have anything to lose so that can make them play without fear and be very dangerous.

“It will not be easy.

“We must be very aware, very well prepared to finish first in the group.

“I think we can do it, but we must be in our top level and this group is not easy at all.

“All the teams are difficult top beat and nobody can say it is a good draw.”

AKA confirms split from DJ Zinhle

After weeks of speculation, rapper AKA has confirmed that he and DJ Zinhle have split.

The Baddest hitmaker split the tea in an interview on Metro FM on Wednesday afternoon, telling DJs Sphectacula and Naves that he went on holiday “as a single man” for the first time in years.

“It’s been a crazy start to the year, I had to go away. I went on holiday. I was just speaking off-air that I went on a very cold holiday. As people might have noticed it’s my first holiday being a single man for many, many years,” he said.

AKA did not go into details of the split but said he was “re-centering” himself for 2020.

“It was a bit different but you know it was a boys trip and it was all about just re-centering myself for 2020. We have so much coming up this year. I’m just getting myself in the right frame of mind to continue to dominate the radio, the charts and everything else.”

News that the couple's relationship was on the rocks first surfaced earlier this month when City Press and Sunday World reported that they had broken up.

When contacted by TshisaLIVE at the time, AKA’s manager, Phumza Nohashe, said: “I don't comment on his personal life. Ask me about his professional life and I can comment on that. So at this point I won’t be giving comment.”

Zinhle has remained largely silent on the claims, enjoying a holiday with friends in Mauritius while the rumours spread.

She shared a post about not being phased by gossip and later responded to a teaser post about the story by editing the headline from “AKA dumps Zinhle over Cassper” to “DJ Zinhle crowned the number one female DJ in Africa”.

She said she had “fixed” the headline to reflect “news that is accurate and fair”.

Zinhle also had fans guessing when she retweeted a poster promoting AKA's upcoming tour and commented on a picture of the rapper and the couple's daughter Kairo together, saying, “Love you two”.

Video: Medikal Finally Tells the Story – Why Fella Makafui Dumps Him

The next chapter in the Medikal and Fella Makafui drama is here.

After they ‘broke up’, Medikal released a single with KiDi titled ‘Come Back’.

The video for that single has been released and watching the visuals, it tells the whole story of this breakup.

Watch it to get the full Medikal-Fella breakup explanation…

‘Shatta Wale Gave Me Several Platforms To Grow But I Had To Distance Myself From Him Because…’- Sista Afia Reveals Why She Ditched Wale

Sista Afia has cleared the air— she says she has a very personal relationship with Shatta Wale behind the scenes but she had to distance herself from his brand for an even better reason.

It could be remembered that Sista Afia and Wale were really close some time ago and people even said they had a relationship beyond the professional one. According to Sista Afia, she never slept with Wale but she had to go her way because she did not want to be associated with Wale’s brand although it is not bad to be.

She adds that Wale gave her lots of platforms to grow when she started her career but she needed to be on her own.

“Shatta Wale gave me a lot of platforms; and I was all over him. He supported me but I wanted to be on my own. So I had to distance myself from him so people don’t see me as one of his militants”.

‘When You Say No to Sex and He Says ‘Just the Tip’, My Sister It’s A Lie’ – Damilola Adegbite

Nigerian actress Damilola Adegbite has reminisced over old times and the stories guys used to tell to get girls into bed.

According to her, one of these lies is when a guy tells you he wants to insert ‘just the tip’.

In a humorous post on Instagram, Damilola warned ladies that it’s a big lie.

She shared a graphic with the words ‘just the tip’ with the following caption: “Who remembers this line?!!! So I was reminiscing about old times with a friend and this came up. When you say “No” and he says “Just the tip” My sister. It’s a lie!”

Chizzy Alichi Pregnant? Nollywood Actress’ Latest Honeymoon Photos Has Social Media Saying She’s Already Pregnant

Nollywood actress Chizzy Alichi literally has to be the happiest person on planet earth right now.

She recently got married and is on her honeymoon with the hubby – what more can you ask for?

Chizzy is posting more photos from her honeymoon than any celebrity in recent times – every day they’re engaging in a new activity and she makes sure to share it.

Her latest photos, however, have sparked rumours she’s pregnant.

The honeymoon must really be going well…

‘I Picked Him from Nowhere, He Was Begging for Me To Sign Him’ – Stonebwoy Remembers How ‘Ungrateful’ Kelvynboy Came to Join BHIM

We haven’t heard Stonebwoy talking about the whole Kelvynboy saga in a while but you can see some bitterness is still in there.

In a recent interview with MzGee, Stonebwoy touched on the topic once again.

He made it clear that he sees Kelvynboy as his creation and that the ‘Coffee’ hitmaker would be nothing without him.

“I haven’t said anything about this case but the said artiste (KelvynBoy) is someone I brought into the limelight. Sometimes I wish people will look at it from that perspective.” Stonebwoy said.

He continued: “Its rather said because this is someone I picked from no where. This is someone who was begging to be signed by me. I haven’t spoken about this issue and the reality of the issue is not what I want to delve into.

“I know that when the dusk proper settles, we will delve into it because Ghanaians deserve to know the truth.”

Daddy Freeze In Trouble After Advising Women Planning To Marry For Power And Money To Rethink About It

Controversial Nigerian media personality and preacher, Daddy Freeze, has taken a swipe at ladies who marry for wealth and power.

Commenting on the issue of Prince Harry and wife Meghan, he said it’s a perfect example to know power doesn’t last.

He therefore advised Nigerian ladies to rethink about their plans of marrying for wealth and power using Meghan as an example.

He posted on his Instagram page saying “If you are making a relationship decision because of access to power and money have a rethink.
Those with real power and money know how overrated it is. ~FRZ”

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

May We Not Have Demons Disguised As Friends And Never Date Evil Men – Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui has left Ghanaians thinking with her recent tweet.

In a tweet she made on her twitter page shows how troubled she was after watching a movie.

She prayed with her tweet to God to help her not to experience the exact thing she watched in the movie.

Her tweet also indirectly talks about her relationship with some people she never liked.

She tweeted “A Fall From Grace!!This movie hmm..
May we not have Demons disguised as friends.God,Take away every bad spirit pretending to love us out of our way ..May we see them ,may we know them ..Show us the signs early ..Lots women are getting married/dating evil men ..hmm”

Princess Shyngle’s Boyfriend Frederic Badji Shows How Crazily He Is In Love With Her

The US based boyfriend of actress Princess Shyngle has shown how crazily he is in love with her.

In a post sighted on Instagram shows how the boyfriend of the actress crazily loves her in his Instagram bio.

His Instagram bio tells everyone the kind of relationship he has with the actress.

The two are said to be getting married soon while they await their first child in some few months to come.

‘Too Much Talk No Dey Full Basket’ – Davido’s Personal Assistant Aloma Says As He Flaunts His New Benz

Aloma DMW, one of Davido’s personal assistants has flaunted brand new Mercedes Benz he’s just bought.

Taken to social media Aloma has shared a photo of the car with the caption;

‘Too much talk no dey full basket.’
Aloma DMW wants to say that, it’s not about talking, but it’s about working hard.

Believe it or not, all the crew following Davido are chilling real hard.

No wonder Peruzzi has tried his best to stick around him.

‘Grace Finds You In The Dark If You Have A Clean Heart’- Joselyn Dumas Preaches Love

According to Joselyn, all one has to do in this life is have a clean heart and continually share the love and no one can derail God’s plans for you.

“…When your heart is clean & all you give is 💖, no matter what people say or do to derail you, GRACE FINDS YOU EVEN IN THE DARK!☀️. when the man up there says Yes absolutely nobody can say no!. LET 💖LEAD & God will bless you."

I don’t like being questioned about the source of my income- Salma Mumin

Ghanaian actress, Salma Mumin has expressed her dislike for questions targeted at the source of her wealth.

According to the actress, she’s an adult and does not owe anyone any explanation with regard to how she makes her money.

"I honestly don’t like being questioned about my source of income. I’m an adult and I have a right to my private life even though I have a social life. My financial life is my private life and it should remain so,”  she told MzGee in a recent interview.

“I get worried when people say what they say about us. Personally, I hardly rest. I’m always on the move. I’m always investing and using everything I get to reinvest in my businesses so its really painful when people say what they say about us. For me it’s disrespectful and misleading,” she added.

Salma Mumin recently made a trip to her hometown, Wa in the Upper West Region where she made donations through her Salma Mumin foundation to needy kids.

Actress Rita Dominic Puts Cleavage On Display In New Pictures

Nollywood star actress Rita Dominic stepped out looking like a million-dollar buck as she posed in yellow pantsuit.
The beautiful stay flaunted her cleavage as she posed for the shots.

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