Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Huddah Monroe blatantly body shames female American rapper Lizzo

Huddah Monroe has found herself at a tight spot after body shaming female American rapper, Melissa Viviane Jefferson, alias Lizzo.

With a nude photo of the American singer from behind, Huddah slammed:

'No body shaming. I know I post a lot of semi nude photos myself but I don´t think we should promote obesity and say that she is confident. Call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.'

Unfortunately, Huddah is slim enough and she calls out trolls who are ever shaming skinny women but spare plump women from being called ´FAT´.

For her, she will ´call a spade a spade and not a big spoon´ and blatantly called Lizzo:

'Bitch is FATTTT! In capital letters! A whole elephant.'

The businesswoman believes it is the high time we remained true to ourselves and say things as they are in order to ´promote healthy living´.

Now her slogan is:

'Let´s PROMOTE healthy living 2020!'

Many fired back at her for body shaming the American rapper with zero chills and to all who got offended:

'If you got offended unfollow but I´m bringing all of us skinny and fat women a solution. To stay healthy and glowing.'

In another of her posts, she even told those that got offended not to promote her campaigns.

The brutal lass went ahead to inform her haters that she doesn´t want to be loved by everyone because she is ´not HOT SAUCE´, but she appreciates the few who do.

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