Friday, 29 November 2019

Sex pest banned from sitting next to women on public transport across UK for life

A flasher who exposed and touched himself in front of women on transport has been jailed for 21 months and banned from sitting next to or opposite a lone female for life.

Notorious sex pest Daniel Hayden went on the prowl for women to target while travelling on trains. Wolverhampton Crown Court jailed the serial flasher on November 19 for a string offences of indecent exposure.

When Hayden is released from prison he is prohibited from sitting immediately next to or opposite any lone female unknown to him on any form of public transport in the UK.

If he finds himself on a crowded train or bus, he must try to move seats or stand away from a female, Birmingham Live reports.

Hayden first struck on December 19 last year, after he boarded a train at Wolverhampton, which was headed towards Birmingham New Street.
As he walked the aisles in search of a victim he picked a woman in her 20s.

After initially passing her, he turned back and sat next to her. The 37-year-old then exposed and touched himself inappropriately while staring at her.

Just weeks later, Hayden targeted another unsuspecting woman on board a train from Birmingham to Wolverhampton.
But unbeknown to Hayden, an off duty police officer was on board - and when the victim went to get help, the officer detained him until British Transport Police officers arrived to arrest him.

Evidence including witness statements and CCTV footage forced Hayden to plead guilty to two charges of exposure.

He was also sentenced in connection with a similar incident on a bus in the Wolverhampton area involving a girl in her teens.

He was also handed an indefinite sexual harm prevention order and placed on the sexual offenders register for 10 years.

Speaking after the hearing, DC Andrew Parkinson from British Transport Police, said: “Hayden is a notorious sex pest, he is a registered sex offender who has history for this type of disgusting behaviour in the West Midlands and previously in south London.”

Upon his release, the court has also prohibited him from unzipping, loosening or removing trousers, shorts or any garment of clothing covering his genitalia.

He must also not take any action that would lead to him exposing himself in public or private spaces.

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