Friday, 1 November 2019

¨Leave me the F* Alone!!!¨ Wema Sepetu calls out trolls

Tanzanian actress and beauty contestant, Wema Sepetu is out to deal with trolls that she has been seeking Diamond´s attention.

The lass and Diamond were present during popular bongo actress’ Aunty Ezekiel´s birthday.

However Wema was spotted putting her best foot forward, dancing next to Diamond and fans believe she is like a tick that forever clings onto the skin of cattle.

Unfortunately, she has a different opinion concerning the same.

Through an Instagram clip, she slams trolls claiming she was there to grab Diamond´s attention and trying too hard for it.

If anything, she believes she was savoring the moments and happy for her friend who was turning a year older.

Plus, everyone had a good time but she doesn´t understand why she was the only one who is receiving backlash.

Looks like she won´t be condoning any more of this. She has had enough and it is time people learnt to live their lives and let others enjoy theirs.

Don't stop me in the throat and say… So you can't stop me… Leave me the F $ & @ Alone… .. !!!!!!!
• I think everyone should deal with their Life and not focus too much on the Life of a person who experiences or misses nothing that will affect your life… !!!
So please Guys… 😒😒😒
This is a message to Low lives that think they know better than anyone else… #Stupidity     

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