Friday, 13 September 2019

Otile Brown to Kenyans: Stop competing with guys who don’t know they’re in a competition

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Subaru guys, listen up because Otile Brown has a message for you.

Stop competing with guys who don’t even know whether you are competing.

And for other Kenyans, Otile’s message might work in your life too.  Just fous on your life and stop comparing.

Here’s what Otile had to say.

Kosa kubwa maishani ni unaposhindana na watu ata wasiojua mnashindana , mana huenda ana njia nyingi za kuingiza hela wakati wewe unatumia pesa na nguvu nyingi kununua anachomiliki yeye wakati alikinunua na salio baada ya kufanya vitu vya msingi . Do you , kila mtu ana nafasi na riziki yake . Do something coz it’s necessary and coz you want to do it not to please people #somolaleo😊…MOMBASA @just_inlove_shoe_collection OPENING this Saturday. Located 👉🏾Bamburi mwisho, opposite bamburi complex, next to KWFT(Kenya women microfinance bank).. #OB #justinlovemusic#justinloveshoescollection #wegotnothingbutlove

Translation - The biggest mistake in life is when competing with strangers or competing, mana may have many ways to make money while you spend a lot of money and energy buying what he owns when he buys and the remainder after doing basic things. Do you, everyone has their opportunity and sustenance. Do something coz important and coz you want to do it to please people # somolaleo😊… MOMBASA @just_inlove_shoe_collection OPENING this Saturday. Located 👉  Bamburi last, opposite bamburi complex, next to KWFT (Kenya women microfinance bank) .. #OB # justinlovemusic # justinloveshoescollection #wegotnothingbutlove

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