Thursday, 12 September 2019

Miss SA Zozibini Tunzi schools those who 'think black is not beautiful'

Zozibini Tunzi has been challenging beauty stereotypes from the moment the Miss SA crown was placed on her head.

It started with her haircut, which caused a stir on social media on the night of the pageant's finale. While many applauded her for keeping her look natural, others felt her short fade was “too basic” for a beauty queen and made snide remarks about it.

At the time, the 25-year-old from the Eastern Cape told the Sunday Times that she didn't take such comments to heart, adding, “I am aware that social media can be a dark place”.

Now, in a frank and powerful Instagram post, Tunzi has elaborated on why she doesn't let “unkind comments” about her “blackness” get to her.

Addressing whoever “thinks black is not beautiful”, she wrote

I just want to take a moment to dedicate a post to the unkind comments that I have been receiving about my blackness since my crowning. To comments that are aimed at all brown skinned girls at some point in our lives. Not because it hurts me or gets under my skin, but because I see an opportunity to educate and speak out on a serious issue. When people say hurtful, negative things about black women and black people in general I do not quickly take offense and here's why. Society has previously been programmed in such a way that there's nothing beautiful about being black. The furthest you are from being fair skinned the uglier you are. That unfortunately has been the universal standard of beauty and it is very difficult for some people to unlearn it. I am going into Miss Universe with hopes to shatter whatever misconception and stereotypes people have of beauty. These comments are exactly why we should keep inserting ourselves in spaces where we have been told we do not belong and we will never make it. It is up to us re-write the narrative. To whoever else thinks that black is not beautiful I cannot wait for you to experience the depth and magic of a black woman. I am a daughter of the African soil and I am beautiful. See your face reflected in mine❤️
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