Wednesday, 14 August 2019

'I can't swim so I bought these t**ties so I can float': Cardi B jokes about plastic surgery

US rapper Cardi B has laughed off the hate around her decision to get a boob job, joking that the reason she got them done was to make sure she floats in a pool.

Cardi allegedly had her boobs first "done" when she was only 19 years old but has been saying she wants go under the knife again.

She told fans last year she wanted a breast "renovation" once she had given birth.

Well, she's got them new boobs now and isn't scared to flaunt it.

The rapper recently posted a blazing hot picture on Instagram sporting colourful braids, vibrant pink pants, black and white sneakers and a sheer, long-sleeved turtleneck crop top exposing most of her chest.

Known for being honest with her followers, Cardi captioned the pic, "I can't swim so I bought these t**tties so I can float."

The snap has since caused a stir, boasting more than three million likes on Instagram.

Sharing her body changes after giving birth, Cardi wrote on Instagram that her daughter  Kulture "did me bad" and in May had her breasts "redone".

The star previously clapped back at critics who shamed her for getting liposuction and a breast augmentation after she cancelled several shows to take time to heal.

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