Thursday, 8 August 2019

Black people so selfish - Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe alleged that black people are so selfish while taking a swipe at people stealing money in their countries and investing it in other countries.

The Kenyan socialite noted that the Government cannot employ everyone but stated that time is up for old people as she shared the statistics of young people in Kenya. Huddah Monroe also dragged millionaires, billionaires, owners of private jets and yachts into her call out post and further added that the colonial mental slavery needs to die with its generation.

She wrote;

Soo many Questions!
Why are we as Black people soooo Selfish

All those who have died , we’ve buried many this year alone , Did they leave with their Billions?

I’ve never understood Why one person would have millions , billions in their account , private jets , yachts while someone somewhere is sleeping hungry with no roof over their head????? Why can’t the people stealing money from their own people put it back into the Country And create Employment for their own people ????

Leave alone taking care of the people, they are selfish to themselves- Why can’t they build hospitals to cater for them when they grow old ? Sick and can’t move a muscle
With the BILLIONS you have and u won’t be buried with ,you have to be airlifted for medical services????? SMH!
    Where did common sense go? That colonial , mental slavery, & mentality honestly needs to DIE with its generation!

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