Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Music Star, Lamboginny Petition To Decongest The 240 Nigeria Prisons

This is a continuous effort to advocate for prison decongestion and justice system reform in Nigeria. We presently have 240 prisons in Nigeria and they are all overcrowded with 70% (49,875) of the inmates awaiting trials for years. Some inmates can’t afford lawyers, while some can’t find their case files and inmates with lawyers keep getting delayed by the slow justice system. Prison inmates are forced to sleep like sardine fish compressed in cans due to the lack of adequate housing. The Nigerian judiciary system goes on a 3 month break every year, leaving thousands of cases unresolved, while the police keep making arrests. In order to resolve this crisis, the Nigerian government and the judiciary system must jointly develop a strong and disciplined approach to conclude cases on time. Each state should have a designated facility for minimal offenders and a facility for maximum offenders. Due to over crowding, the prison system is unable to reform inmates, as they don’t have enough materials. This has lead to inmates returning back to the society unreformed and stand a high chance of committing crimes again. 

Please help me in my continued efforts by signing this petition and sharing it across all platforms! Thank you for your help. Together we can make a difference.

To learn more please visit: www.ibelieveinprisonreform.com

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