Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Ask Yourself Why Becca Is Closer to the Step-mother than Her Own Mother – Actress Soraya to Ghanaians

Actress Soraya Mensah has called on Ghanaians to ask themselves why Becca happens to have a better relationship with her step mother than with her own mother.

Soraya, who has been Becca’s staunchest defender so far, says that shows that Becca’s mum has bad intentions for her daughter.

Becca’s mum, as revealed, got pregnant at the age of 15 with Mr Achaempong, who was already married at the time.

Despite her young age, Becca’s mum decided to keep the child, who later became a huge music star.

Becca’s mum now claims she has been cut out of her daughter’s life because her daughter’s husband has tagged her as a witch. Becca’s friends, on the other hand, claim it is the mum who has refused to get close to Becca since she married.

Actress Soraya Mensah claims Becca’s mum has been behaving badly towards the daughter and even refused to help her after she gave birth, even though Becca requested for her help.

She also said the terrible character of Becca’s mum is why Becca has grown to be closer to her step mom than the real mom.

“Rarely will you have someone being close to their stepmother instead of their mum, ask yourself why it is so?” she wrote in a rant posted on Instagram.

Soraya also shared a video of a lady who blamed Becca’s mum for everything that is happening. The lady claims the entire misunderstanding emanates from the fact that Becca has stopped giving her mum money ever since she got married.

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