Friday, 28 June 2019

Pamela Anderson details ex Adil Rami’s alleged abuse and double life in emails with mother of his children

Pamela Anderson detailed more of her ex Adil Rami’s alleged “double life,” accusing him of cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend for almost the entire duration of their relationship as well as physical abuse she claimed she suffered at the soccer star’s hand.

The Baywatch actress published emails allegedly between her and Rami’s ex, Sidonie Biémont, with whom Rami shares twins Zayn and Madi, born in 2016, on her foundation’s website on Wednesday night.

Anderson, 51, wrote in an email to Biémont that Rami, 33, “crushed both of (her) hands” during a fight and “threw her around by (her) hair” during a fight last summer. She said the pain in her hands was so severe she couldn’t open bottles.

“They need to put me to sleep to do injections … my hands were getting better … but he hurt me again at mandarine (sic) hotel. When he got so angry with me for asking why I was to wait in room and pack our clothes while you were at the Macron event in hotel with the players families,” she wrote to Biémont.

Anderson first reached out to Biémont in an effort to befriend her. Biémont told the Barb Wire actress she and Rami continued to have a sexual relationship, and Rami told her his romance with Anderson was simply for publicity. Biémont and Rami reportedly split in 2017 when he took up with Anderson.

Biémont also claimed Rami told her he and Anderson were just friends and not living together.

Anderson replied she and Rami had purchased a home together, explaining, “I’m so sorry. I’ve been living with Adil for over 2 years. I’ve never met a man like this. Living multiple lives. I’m in shock. I’m so sorry for you and your boys. I am leaving him. For good this time. It’s too mind boggling for me. I’ve tried to leave 10 times to leave. but he always finds me and begs me back.”

Anderson also accused Rami of isolating her from loved ones, which she alluded to in her original Instagram post about their split.

Rami posted a statement online denying Anderson’s allegations and claiming he and his ex were platonic co-parents. He also noted his work with domestic violence charity Solidarité Femmes.

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