Friday, 24 May 2019

Zodwa Wabantu says her fiancee will take her surname after marriage

South African pantless dancer, Zodwa Wabantu, 33,  has said that her 24-year-old fiancé, Ntobeko Linda would adopt her surname after they get married.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Wabantu said she had discussed the issue with her fiancé and he’s in agreement with this decision.

She said: "Definitely, yes. We have talked about it and we agree."

Wabantu added that people should stop pointing to tradition to criticize their decision. She said making decisions regarding their unorthodox relationship rests solely on them.

She said: "Culture has nothing to do with us. We were not there when old people decided to do things their way. We will decide things for ourselves.

"We are different and we want to do things differently. Some people may not like the way we do things but we don’t care. I love my fans but this is a personal issue."

Wabantu made news headlines when she proposed to her fiancé weeks ago with a diamond ring.

Reacting to the social media comments made after her engagement, she said: "We as women we give our men money to marry us. Hard working women hide that they marry themselves by giving their boyfriends money to go to their families to pay Lobola (brideprice)".

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