Monday, 13 May 2019

Otile Brown Celebrates Ethiopian In Mother’s Day Message

Otile Brown and his Ethiopian bae were rumoured to have broken up early this month. But the man seems to still be in contact with the Ethiopian beauty and wished her a happy Mother’s Day.

And she also responded with a,

Otile’s message caused some head-scratching among his followers. His message can be taken to imply that she is either already a mother…or that she is pregnant…or…it could be the singer taking the piss.

And if she isn’t already a mother, then why is the ‘Baby Love’ wishing her such? Some of the comments are below:

merceline_ajiambo: huyu bado hajazaa so she’s not a mother
m_annitah: Kasha kua mzazi ama tunatarajia mtoto😁😁🤔🤔
pnganga2003: Kwan amezaaa …kuuliza tu😮😮😮
__ha.zel: 😂😂women’s day ilipita wewe..leo ni mothers😈
davesirkal: MAMA YA NANI…buda kuna tufauti kati ya being female and being a mother…kama yeye ni mama basi tuonyeshe wanawe
sizzlah_stunner: Who is your mother in this case bro🤗🤗
m_annitah: Happy mother’s day to her 😍

While the singer might have stirred the hornet’s nest with his post, Nabayet herself was wishing her ‘actual’ mother a happy mother’s day.

And even there the irrepressible singer made his presence known by sharing a comment of a love heart to the image she had posted.

She also returned the favour, calling him booboo in her response. Is this proof the two are back together or are they just astute marketers who know how to keep their followers captivated?

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