Saturday, 4 May 2019

Open Letter To Tonto Dikeh By ExcelDeBaron

Tonto Tonto Tonto!!! How many times did I call you? 3 times. Am taking out my time to pen this letter because you were my crush one time before. Am not happy with what is happening with you now and am aware of the dire consequences of your actions in the future. I wont want to make this a long read so I will bring out the 3 most bad consequences of what you are cooking now.

First and foremost, The Igbos have a saying that "Okenye adighi anona na ulo, ewu amuo na ogbuli". When you see some people putting mouth in your matter, its not really as if they are judging you or telling you how to heal. Hell No! They are only trying to remind you the dire consequences of your action.

Hope you will be happy tomorrow when small primary and secondary school children calls your child;

(1) Son of two seconds man? Son of Juju man? Son of a mad woman? Hope you know these small children of nowadays are something else and have access to more data and phone than books? How many fights are you willing to go and fight in school? Tonto, you go cry oo. Nobody is trying to blackmail you with your child. These are facts am stating. Because its becoming obvious that you dont really care about this your child with Churchill. You want to destroy him too. If you did, why bringing all these personal stuffs about Churchill to the public space? Hope you are aware that you can't remove Churchill from that Kid's life forever? Tonto! Tonto!! Tonto!!!

(2) Tonto, are you happy with the way you are spreading bad energy through nollywood? Hope you know that you have divided many celebrities against each other? They loved each before (Sarcasm). What do you think will be the situation now? Tonto, you are gaining relevance the wrong way.

(3) Tonto, are you aware that no company will want to have anything to do with you by a long stick? You are obviously a bad market and nobody will want a situation where if things don't work out tomorrow, you will spill company secrets. Because of this, no endorsements and no branding. Which means that you will be more broke! Is that what you really need now to support your kid?

Tonto, stop this bad energy. If you are sure that Churchill is all this bad, whoever advised you to destroy him this way is your enemy. Tonto, change your circle of advisers and friends immediately. The person that advised you that you will make billions off youtube from this Unclad dance in the market square is a morron.

Hope not later now, you will come out with a fake outburst of breakdown seeking public sympathy? Hope you won't tell us that you were not yourself and regret your actions? We no go gree oo. I drop my pen!!!

ExcelDeBaron writes from a small Estate in Lagos.

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