Monday, 15 April 2019

My Daughter’s Blood Crying For Revenge - Mom Of Lady Shot Dead By SARS

The family of Ada Ifeanyi, who was allegedly shot dead by some police officers attached to the Trinity Police Station on Akpiri Street, Olodi Apapa, Lagos, has demanded justice for her death.

The 20-year-old Ada was, on Saturday, allegedly shot dead by some police officers, while she was returning from a club with her boyfriend, Emmanuel Akomafuwa.

It was gathered that Ada, Emmanuel and one of her friends were accosted by the police personnel on their  way back home.

It was learnt that Emmanuel refused to stop his car, because those who asked them to stop were not in uniform and could not be identified as policemen.

The cops, who were later identified as Inspector Adamu Usman, Sergeant Adeyeye Adeoye, Sergeant Kashim Tijani, Sergeant Lucky Akigbe and Sergeant Paul Adeoye, reportedly blocked the vehicle and opened fire on Ada and Emmanuel.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Ada was shot twice in her stomach by the officers, while Emmanuel was shot in the back of his head.

While Ada died on the spot, Emmanuel is currently battling for his life in hospital.

Speaking with PUNCH Metro, Ada’s mother, Mercy John, said her daughter’s blood must not be shed in vain and vowed to seek justice for her.

She said, “My daughter is no more because of the useless police we have in this country; they shot my daughter dead.

“I was called around 7am that my daughter had been shot and I said I was coming, because where I was far; and when I came, I was not allowed to see my daughter. I was told to wait until her father came. I was still not allowed to see her corpse until I argued that I couldn’t sit without seeing my daughter dead or alive. That was when I was allowed to see her.

“My daughter was not a criminal; the killers will pay dearly for this, because I can’t take it; I can’t stand it and I cannot allow it to go like that.

The blood of that girl is crying for revenge, because she was just an innocent child that knew nothing. The blood of my daughter will not go just like that; I want justice for her; that is what the family wants. Those policemen need to be arrested, they need to go down.”

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