Thursday, 25 April 2019

Cassper Nyovest says he couldn't sleep and was on anxiety meds because of social media hate

South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest beats off the hate on his social media pages like a cricketer at the crease and has revealed to fans at one point he was struggling with the negativity so much that he had to take medication to deal.

The trolling has become so bad that even Queen B, Bonang, has weighed in on it and told him to stop focusing on the negative and "let it go".

Speaking to Major League Djz about the pressures of social media and how it can sometimes lead to depression, Cassper said that it got so bad for him that he used to delete his Twitter app so that he could "enjoy peace".

"Look at my comment section if you wanna see how angry people are. That sh*t used to depress me hard. I used to delete my twitter so I can enjoy peace. Now I genuinely don't care what people think or say about me. My validation will always come from inside."

Cass added that used to lose sleep over negative comments and bad publicity and was once put on meds for anxiety.

"It used to f*ck me up bad. There was a time I wasn't sleeping cause of all the negative comments and all the bad publicity. I was even on medication once for anxiety."

He said he was finally able to overcome his struggles by realising that social media is not reality.

"One day, I woke up and realised that it wasn't real. It's all a temporary front. Now I live by my rules only!"

Cassper ended his lecture on self-love by telling a follower about the importance of "riding for yourself" in life

"Dawg! You really have to ride for yourself in this life! You really have to be kind to yourself! We care too much about impressing people and being loved by the world!"

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