Wednesday, 6 March 2019

South African Lady Reveals Why She Won’t Report Sexual Assault And Battery

A South African lady has narrated how she was sexually assaulted by a ’friend’ and has been left emotionally and physiologically damaged .

According to the lady known as Coco,he masturbated on her thighs despite her pleas for him to stop and then beat her up when she cried after the act .

When told to report to the police , she said she is scared because of the community she lives in.

She also said he told her since he didn’t penetrate , it wasn’t rape.

She tweeted

”A guy I called a friend tried forcing himself on me two weeks ago.

I told him to stop and he pulled his pants down and put his d**k between my thighs. He kept going until he came. When I cried he started hitting me saying I’m trying to ruin his life. �� I’m not okay.”

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