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Exclusive: American Rapper & Model Audream Speaks On Music, Success And Her Journey So Far

American rapper, model and entrepreneur, Audream, took time out to speak with on her journey so far in the entertainment industry, her album, her new song and her world tour.

Tell us about yourself and where you're from?

I’m originally from Kingston in Jamaica and my second & third generation on my moms side has an interesting mix of Irish, Jewish & some Brittish decent. I moved to south Florida with just my mother alone and spent majority of my adolescences there. Middle & Highschool was very ruff for me.

When do you start music and what inspired you?

I knew I had a passion for music when I was in middle school around 6th grade. Music was an outlet for me, but I started out writing poetry and stories first to get through situations, I was going through & facing in life.
What inspires me about music is the ability to create, explore and pretend anything you can imagine, think or write down. You can literally say and be who ever you want, a character an ulter-ego, tell a story or  make up a story fiction or non fiction.

How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

It’s Funny, I started modeling first to be quite thruthful. My mother got me into that when I was around 14 because of my height which runs in the family on her side. When I got to around 17-18 my body changed drastically I gained weight, developed and couldn’t do the run- way/editorial type of things anymore. I even experienced major types of discrimination from different modeling agencies in NYC telling me I was too over weight, my nose was too big or I wasn’t tall enough. I really thought F these people. Like who are they to judge & slander someone’s  physical appearance based on their personal biased opinions.

I could see why so many girls were starving themselves & becoming anorexic.  After that, I then found my self transitioning over onto the urban modeling scene. I was excepted over there!  Sexy was in, having curves was what was hot over there; not sticks & bones. I was able to brand my self substantially in that market area and start building a solid fan based. I’ve been published in over 37 urban magazines & straight Stuntin DJ Kay Slay gave me my very first 6 page spread. I’ve done several covers as well along the lines of Show magazine & few other urban vixen publications. I knew early on this was not my final destination or career endeavor. Everything in my life kept pulling me back to my music. I have bad experiences with the music. I got F’d over by people & Lo key used by many, fake managers stealing money from me, slandering my name & trying to black ball me early on in my beginning stages of my music career. I had no experience, management or parental advisory. I met a professional boxer with a label that wanted to sign me & invest in music. Thank GOD for my street & common sense. I found out early on he was a sham simply by feeling him out, letting him talk and watching how he moved for a few weeks & going with my gut instincts. I also did my street check up on him. Crazy at such a young age I peeped game. Life is about learning, you live & you learn.  I was already becoming my own serial hustler & entrepreneur. I was getting my own money. I had a baby young, I had no option, I had my own crib and a foreign whip. I graduated high school a year early got into real estate around 17-18 learned from some billionaire investors on palm beach island that I worked for and started flipping my own properties a few years later after soaking in much needed game.

The music industry is cut throat tho, literally a ( Dog Eat Dog ) 🌎 world!! Remember I said this as a female you gotta work 100x harder and smarter everyone wants to either use you or F you. You gotta be smart, solid, hold your own & be about your business In this game. People ask me daily why are you not further along or signed already. It’s simple I’ve had many offers/deals & 99% percent of which were bs deals “indentured slave ship contracts” I considered them to be. So funny most of them would have to involve me being tied down to being in a secret personal romantic relationship on the low with a individual I did not want controlling my love life, personal, or financial earnings. I thought over & over ,,,,, how do I sell my soul to have none of my publishing or very minimal royalties to keep making these multi- millionaires even richer. I don’t wanna be famous and poppin with no money in the bank or filing bankruptcy. In other words I wasn’t trying to get pimped OK.  I realized I would have to just grind this shit out independently until I could negotiate the kind of record deal I want ideally to be tied down into. This industry is discouraging, it can kill your dreams make you want to give up or even kill yourself the idea of failure is nerve wreckin, but it’s not for the weak minded, or timid  either I have learned.

What has been mostly criticized about you?

My looks lmao. Second, my music with I give zero Fucks about critics.

The part of your body that you cherish the most?

My whole body really.

You seem to have love for luxury, what’s your favorite Car?

Damn, I love fast ass cars lol. Umm right now I’m feeling the Lam truck,  but the Bently bentayga is my ultimate favorite. I almost bought A new one twice with in the last 6 months lol. I’m just holding off for right now because, I thought it would be smarter to make better investments with my money that can bring me substantial income instead of blowing 200k on a vehicle that will depreciate as soon as I drive it off the lot. I wanna be rich not just look rich, and also I’m investing in myself & music right now which is very costly & takes quite a bit of discipline. I’m not new to luxury so I’m not pressed to prove shit to no one at all either, I  rather have money in the bank & run up a check right now over everything that I want & more will come to me in due time.

What you will never wear or use?

Tommy Hilfiger lol, but as far as using its more like products that don’t have parabens & chemicals in it on my body in general like lotions, toothpaste, body wash, shampoos & deodorants.

Most expensive item in your wardrobe?

Sad to say it, but my crystal Fox fur coat, I even have insurance on it.

Most embarrassing moment?

I’ve had very many, I dunno which one is the worst. It’s stuff like forgetting a bar in one of my songs while performing or slipping & falling in public busting my ass, I fell on stage once it was slippery wet someone spilled a drink & zanottis have no damn grip on the bottom of them what so ever.

Most Challenging task/role?

Life in itself in general a damn challenge, but now being a single mother is a full time challenging job & juggling my music, businesses & and personal life, finding the balance is imperative. My peace of mind & personal energy is priceless in the end.

Coping with advances from Male fans?

Honestly I try to block it out in a nice way. You have to think they admire you, some are obsessed though. I’m dealing with some weird bizarre stalker shit right now as we are speaking. 

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I’m gearing up to release my second highly anticipated EP/project πŸ’No PreNup2 πŸ’Žit drops April Fools Day on every single digital music outlet you can think of. Then 6 weeks after the release,  I will be dropping “No PreNup2 reloaded “ The mixtape for free for my fans packed with 8 unreleased bonus tracks on there. Third my Album “Queen Of The Trap” drops this Summer. I have surprise artists features & super industry producers on this project. I’m really excited about this one.

Message to your fans?

Well, I just want to say thank you & I love every single one of my genuine fans. I love my haters too lol y’all motivate the Fux outta me to want to work harder so I can keep shittin on em.

My fans have taught me so much & they started shared with me personal stories & how myself & my music have inspired them to do some major event changes in their life & lifestyles. I have girls hitting me up saying thank you I left my abusive or cheating significant other because of you or I’m fixing my credit, or saving to buy a house and cutting back on buying purses. Guys hit me saying they leveling up starting a business cus they wanna be bo$$ed up like me, it’s cray the influence I never knew I had on so many.

April 1st No PreNup2!! May 19th No PreNup2 the Mixtape reloaded & “Queen of the Trap” Summa 2019. Follow me on ig @IamAudream FB @RealAudream twitter @bossladydream SoundCloud Audream, YouTube Audream TV, iTunes/Apple Music Audream

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