Thursday, 31 January 2019

What is the right age a child should be granted unsupervised access to use the internet? - Uche Jombo asks

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Uche Jombo is asking a very sensitive question.

She wrote

''Technology is the future,I know the importance of making sure our children are highly skilled in this digital age but the harsh reality is ....unless you are going to supervise your child's online activities they are not safe...the true danger lurking in the burgeoning number of children's internet chat rooms ( social media / gaming chat rooms)
I know most of these apps say 13years and above (which kids can lie about to create profile) (Today is such an eye opener for me)
Story for another day. Can we please discuss the right age for our kids to get on internet (social media and gaming chat rooms) unsupervised.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest''.

So what age is ideal for a parent to grant their young child unsupervised access to the internet?

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