Thursday, 3 January 2019

Be Proud Of Your Legitimate Hustle - An Advice To Young Nigerians


One of the reasons why our society keep on experiencing the heart breaking stories of internet fraud, rituals and all sorts of unbelievable quest for getting rich scheme is our societal response and reactions to young people who desired to start small.

Few days ago, my sister reminded me of the saying "there is dignity in labor". That is, whatever you're doing, that is bringing food to your table, that is giving you joy and is not at the detriment of others, you should be proud of it.

But, reverse is the case these days. The process no longer matter, only the result, regardless of how you get the result.

Attentions are been given to those who are showing off and not those who are showing up to promote their trades.

Social media got it all blasted - In recent time, I noticed that if you post a picture of you in an exotic restaurant (even though you didn't buy anything) your social media connections will bless you with lots of reactions and comments, but if you post things about your business or services, you'll be given little attention, less reaction, no comment.

What is this data saying about our society? People don't care or give little attention to things that add value to your life, they don't want to support or show interest in your process.

Then people (victim of the societal judgment) decided to go into the get rich quick at all means, or die trying schemes.

And we all can see what this has caused us as a society.

Dear your people, be proud of your trade. Even if family and friends don't support you. Even if they pay no attention to you, God is a rewarded of hard work.
There are people who are taking note of your consistency, your ability and your sagacity.

It won't only give you peace of mind, it will allow you a beautiful legacy and a good place in history.

Don't fall for it, embrace your small beginning - those who look down on you didn't create you, they won't pay your bills for you.

To your shameless execution.

Olajide Ola'Emmanuel is a Data, Digital Media Associate, Author and an Entrepreneur.
I help businesses and individuals to leverage on the digital space to build their brands and also build influence.

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