Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Actress Sotayo Almost Broke A Table Towards The End Of 2018

Nollywood actress Tayo Sobola left a threat, warning a certain person she’s got receipts of her dirt and if care is not taken she will spill. A colleague, Dayo Amusa, jumped on her comment section and encouraged her to spill. She even asked her to be fast about it while laughing out loud.

Hmm, it just simply means a war is brewing underneath… Will it escalate? Will they get their colleagues to settle it for them?. Whichever way they want it, we are always here. And if she wants to spill, spill, spilllll so people can leave their dirty ways, it’s a new year 😀…

''Ok, i honestly wanna break a table . I mean shatter it before the year ends so i can let it slide with this December. For the records i usually dont talk much but if i get angry i could say what can make you drink sniper!!!! Now, be careful of people who have evidences/proofs to your nonsense acts with valid details. Do you know what it is to be schooled? Hian, i know what it takes to build a brand and i know how it feels when its shattered. #bewise  Kudi lemme oo @semilorepweety'', she wrote while posting the above photo.

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