Thursday, 29 March 2018

New Study Reveals Women Are More Likely To Orgasm When They Have Sex With Other Women

According to a new report, women are more likely to orgasm when they have sex with other women than when they have sex with men.
This revelation comes from an exclusive report from The Sun, which takes note from a survey of 2,300 people around the world. Researchers found that women are more likely to orgasm during same-sex encounters, with some women who have sex with women reporting having orgasms as many as 55 times a month. Straight women, on the other hand, said they experience around 7 orgasms a month.
Dr Kristen Jozkowski, from the University of Arkansas, explains that this is likely because women having sex with other women tend to do more things than just penetrative sex – their sex is "excitingly diversified".
Basically, this means that when women have sex with other women, the focus isn’t on rushing into penetration; it’s about exploring pleasure through oral, fingering, sex toys, and other stuff that many straight couples dismiss as optional foreplay.
The stats on orgasm gaps have been around for quite some time. A study from Chapman University, Indiana University, and the Kinsey Institute found that straight women are less likely than any other demographic to have an orgasm during sex.
A study of more than 52,000 adults found that while heterosexual men reported that they orgasm 95% of the time they have sex, heterosexual women orgasm just 65% of the time – and only 33% of heterosexual women said they have an orgasm every time they have sex, versus 75% of men who could say the same. That’s not because the female orgasm is much harder to achieve, to be clear.
Lesbian women reported that they orgasm 86% of the time, while bisexual women orgasm 66% of the time. So again, a woman’s likelihood to orgasm drops pretty significantly if she’s having sex with a man rather than a woman.
This study found that the reasons for this are pretty simple: when a woman has sex with another woman, she’s more likely to have oral sex, she’s more likely to have sex for a longer period of time, and she’s more likely to try different sex positions – all of which are factors associated with increased orgasms.

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