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Boity Thulo Sits With Psychic Medium Cindy Kruger

Boity Thulo's career has been a clear indication of how adventurous and free spirited the TV personality is, so it comes as no surprise that she accepted an invite from FOXlife’s new show, 'Spirit Life Africa,' for a psychic reading.
Taking to social media, Boity explained that she was a bit hesitant at first, but is glad she agreed to meet with psychic medium Cindy Kruger.
Sharing the teaser video on her Instagram account, Boity wrote: "Those who know me well understand just how much I enjoy experiencing the broadness of Spirituality. So when FOXlife approached me for a reading with the to be on their show #SPIRITLifeAfrica with the amazing Cindy Kruger @healing_with_angels, although very hesitant, I agreed and I am so happy I did. This being my first experience with a medium of her kind, it was quite an enlightening reading. (sic)"
The 27-year-old added that her mother, Modiehi Thulo, accompanied her to the reading, and said that it felt "like this moment was more for her (her mom) than it was for me".
Fans, however, felt that Kruger was talking about Boity ex, Cassper Nyovest, when she said: “We have a lot of broken trust in relationships. Specifically to a "C" that you can’t trust."
Fans will have to tune into DStv Channel 126 at 19.55pm on Wednesday to find out if they are right.

'George Michael's Secret Childhood Trauma Influenced His Work'

Former Wham! manager Simon Napier-Bell believes George Michael had a secret "childhood trauma", which triggered some of his best work.
Simon believes the late music legend's creativity was triggered by an issue during the 'Careless Whisper' hitmaker's younger years which he "didn't tell the public", and he may have even repressed in his own mind.
While the record producer admitted George - who died of heart and liver disease on Christmas Day 2016 aged 53 - was devastated by his mum Lesley's death in 1997 and his partner Anselmo Feleppa's passing four years earlier, he claims the singer's "real upset" occurred years earlier.
Simon, 78, said: "He was very open about the fact that he was upset by his mother dying and Anselmo dying.
"That wasn't the problem, that didn't cause George Michael's creativity.
"It was childhood trauma that happens well before you're 12 or 13.
"He obviously looked very much inside himself but he never told anybody whatever it was that triggered it. He didn't tell the public and he may not have even told himself, because that's another thing that happens to people, they feel a huge disquiet and they want to not look at it."
Simon believes George - who was arrested for possession of Class A drugs, including crack cocaine, in 2008, but didn't face any charges - was "semi-suicidal" during his drug-taking days.
He said: "I knew there were a lot of drugs about and if somebody is doing drugs at a level which could kill them, I suppose it is semi-suicidal. You're flirting with it.
"It's like somebody who drives at 130mph when they're drunk. They're not trying to commit suicide but if they thought logically for a minute they would have to say they don't really care much for life if they are doing that."
George was airlifted to hospital after he fell out of a moving Range Rover on the M1 motorway in 2013, and Simon has insisted the 'One More Try' star must have been doing "something damn silly" to have such a scrape with death.
Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Simon - who has been looking into the premature deaths of music stars such as Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain in documentary '27: Gone Too Soon' - added: "You don't fall out a Ranger Rover going 80mph by accident.
"It might be an accident but you must have been doing something damn silly to make the accident happen. You knew there was an instability there that one day would go just an inch further in the wrong direction and something would happen. Which is probably what did happen.
"I don't for one second think it's suicide in the conventional idea of what suicide is."

Thickleeyonce Schools K Naomi On 'Skinny Privilege'

ThickLeeyonce is all about body positivism and uplifting women to love themselves and their bodies, so when Naomi K swerved into her lane, ThickLeeyonce was not about to move over.
Here's what happened:

A fan tagged ThickLeeyonce in a tweet about Bonang Matheba's new winter lingerie line and commented that the range doesn't cater for bigger busted women. She appealed to ThickLeeyonce to create a range for #teambigboobs.
ThickLeeyonce commented that making bigger bras is expensive and companies often neglect to cater for bigger busted women because of the hefty cost involved. She made the point that it is unfair because "we didn't choose to have big boobs."
ThickLeeyonce, who has a fashion label herself, said that she would often go to shops and battle to find clothes that fit her and said there were more options for skinny girls as opposed to bigger girls, resulting in slenders looking more fashionable.
And that's when Naomi K came in, calling the "skinny/fat topic tiring."

‪Twitter users chose sides with Slender Twitter insisting they weren't given preference at shops because of their size and they too battled to find clothes to fit into.
But ThickLeeyonce and her fans said that you can't compare the two and that bigger women simply aren't catered for.
She then dm'd Naomi and posted the messages on her Instagram account.
"A woman with big breasts will go to 12 different shops and still not get a bra that fits her, and when she does get it costs 3 million and not even cute. A woman with small breasts, will walk into any store and find a bra for less than R200 in her size. This is what we call "Thin privilege", u are spoiled for choice, ur not told "Lose weight so that u can dress how uv always wanted to dress".

Skolopad Says She Really Wants To Work With Zodwa

Skolopad is really determined to see herself share the stage with Zodwa Wabantu and she's willing to foot the bill to get her way.
"It's not that deep really. If Zodwa wants me to book her and pay her to come to my concert, then I will do it," said Skolopad.

"I believe we are both powerful women and if nobody will see to it that we are on the same stage, I will do it myself."

The entertainer, who has a history of beef with Zodwa Wabantu sent out a message through the Twittersphere that she wanted to co-headline a concert with Zodwa for Women's Day.
Zodwa wasn't as keen about the potential concert and told TshisaLIVE her time is worth a lot of moola.

"I think she just came up with the idea and threw it on social media. Does she have a budget? Does she want to book me? If yes, can she afford me? If she wants both of us to plan it, what is she bringing to the table? I am a really busy woman, like, I'm going to the States next month."
Last we checked, Zodwa's booking fee ranged from R35k to R40k, but it's subject to change and with inflation, Skolopad has her work cut out for her.

However, the musician is determined to see it happen against all odds.

"I am dreamer and I know that this concert will happen. If I have to pull a Cassper Nyovest and knock on every door for hell, I will make sure it happens. I want Free State people to understand just how serious I am about entertainment and I have a new found confidence because God is good, man. It will happen."

Travis Scott Sued For Holding On To Cash After Canceling Show

Travis Scott bailed on a concert in Minnesota the night before the Super Bowl, but held onto the cash he was paid in advance for it, according to a new lawsuit.
An entertainment events company called PJAM claims it paid the rapper $150k upfront plus $10k to his booking agent to perform at Myth Nightclub near Minneapolis on February 3.
According to the documents, PJAM also arranged for a private jet for Travis, and spent a lot of dough promoting the show, but he backed out hours before.
Sources close to Travis say at the time it was due to weather and logistics, but according to the documents, PJAM says Scott "refused to show up to the event."
It's unclear if PJAM thinks Travis bailed due to fatherhood, but it insists the rapper has not paid back the $150k advance. The company also wants damages for the shot to its reputation.

Here's A Look At Karlmann King - The Most Expensive SUV In The World

If you are planning to buy an SUV and are bored by the similar design pattern followed by almost every existing model in the market then Karlmann King could be an option for you which comes with a promise that ‘every Karlmann is the unique one in the world’. There's one important detail though, it will set you back by Rs 14.16 crore.
Understandably, the vehicle is touted as the most expensive SUV ever made. It was first unveiled during the Dubai International Motor Show 2017 in November.
The vehicle has the flavours of the east and the west. The SUV is modelled on the American Ford F-550 platform and has been designed by a Chinese company called IAT. It is being built by a team based in Europe.
The car has a distinctive diamond-cut design which the company says is inspired from the bird falcon. Moreover, it will feature on-demand customisation of its users.
There are multiple versions of customisations which a customer can choose from. A customer can pick any combination from that have been made available by the company, such as — 4 and 5 door versions; 4, 5, 6 or 7 seat versions and a bullet-proof exterior version.
The specifications, though, may leave people a little dry considering the price one pays for the Karlmann. The four-wheel drive car is powered by a 6.8L V10, 395-bhp engine, the same which powers Ford F-550, which may just be enough for an (up to) 6 tonnes heavy car. The engine is mated to a 6 speed automatic gearbox.
The SUV can carry 151 Litres of gasoline. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 140 kmph. The vehicle can operate in any temperature practically possible. The range which company specifies that it can operate within is -40 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius.
Interior of the car is at par with a Rolls-Royce and laced with a slew of systems for comfort and safety. These include 4K LCD TV, private safes, handrail screen display, satellite TV, satellite phone, PS4 entertainment system, phone projection system among other things.
Only 12 units of the vehicle will be produced by the company for which it has employed an astonishing 1800 people. The vehicle, fitted with the costliest customisations, would cost around Rs 22.7 crores, that too, without taxes.

Kiss Daniel Finally Reveals Why He Wore A Fake LV Shirt

Kiss Daniel has revealed the fake Louis Vuitton outfit he wore was given to him by a stylist. According to media personality, Daddy Freeze, he spoke to the talented singer this morning.
He wrote....
Just got off the phone with @iamkissdaniel and he explained to me that it was the stylist that styled him for the video that created the look.

He also is a strong anti-privacy advocate who, just like me, is against any form of counterfeiting.

He further went on to state that he really isn’t big on designer items. He just wants to make good music!

And good music he does make, I can’t remember ever hearing a bad Kiss Daniels track! Who agrees?๐Ÿ‘

Now I hereby issue a stern warning to ALL STYLISTS! Don’t jeopardize an ARTISTE’s career with fake products. Authenticate your sources ALWAYS! Thank you! ~FRZ


Charles Okocha Flaunts Massive Eggplant On Social Media

Nollywood actor and musician, Charles Okocha shared this picture of himself rocking a brief showing his very visible eggplant.

#BBNaija: Cee-C Blasts Tobi After He Cuddled Anto To Sleep, Says He's Not A Man

We are yet to see the end of Tobi and CeeC drama as things got heated this morning. Last night, CeeC was pissed when she saw Tobi and Anto, all cuddled up in bed.Hurt by the sight, she angrily stood up and exited the room. However, she lashed out at them before leaving.
This morning,while the housemates were in the dressing room, CeeC lashed out at Tobi again but he ignored her.

Blac Chyna’s Mom 'Tokyo Toni' Blasts Her Over Financial Aid

Blac Chyna's mother who has always had her back in good or bad situations is apparently not happy with her daughter.
Tokyo Toni who seems to be having financial setbacks recently took to social media and took subliminal shots at her daughter while asking her fans a question that many think is directed to Chyna.
 She stated: 'I was just laying here thinking. I have 14,000 people on my page. If you were rich, funky, stinking ***ss famous rich AF. Where you can buy anything you want. When you can just get up and take a trip to Dubai – that’s rich.'
She continued: 'What would you do for your mother? If your mother was humble, worked HARD for hers her entire f’n life. What would you guys do for your mom? Would you set her up or would you put her up? Exactly what would you do?.'

Scientists Have Found A New Organ In The Body That No One Knew About Before

Scientists believe they have just discovered a new organ in the body which no one knew about before now.
A new study published On Monday, March 27 says the new organ discovered is called the interstitium. The interstitium is a network of fluid-filled tubes all around the body which could act as a shock absorber. Sadly, this organ could also act as a conduit for cancerous cells to move to different parts of the body. However, knowing about it could lead to new treatments and better understanding.
If it is indeed an organ, it could be the biggest of 80 in the human body, found under the skin and also lining veins and arteries, muscles, the gut and every visceral organ. Previously, scientists had seen it but believed it was made up of dense connective tissue. When slides were examined that’s what it looked like, because to make a slide the fluid is drained away as part of the process.
Its true nature was realised during a routine endoscopy looking at a patient’s bile duct. Doctors noticed what looked like a network of capillaries, but clearly couldn’t be that because it would have picked up the fluorescent dye they were using. Previously, we knew that there was fluid between cells (known as interstitial fluid) but it wasn’t thought to be contained in a network like this.
New York University pathologist Dr Neil Theise said: "This finding has potential to drive dramatic advances in medicine. This includes the possibility that the direct sampling of interstitial fluid may become a powerful diagnostic tool. Once tumours get in, they’re like a water slide. We have a new window on the mechanism of tumours spreading."


#PresidentialVisit: Buhari To Commission Ikeja Bus Terminal

President Muhammadu Buhari, on his 2-day official visit to Lagos State, will commission the newly completed Ikeja Bus Terminal.
In a statement released by the Lagos State Governor, it was said that Buhari will commission the project which will commute over a 100,000 people in the state.
The President is also expected to flag off the construction of the Lekki Deep Sea Port, located in the Lekki Free Trade Zone.
Buhari will also inspect the Eko Atlantic City Project on the land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean.

EbonyLife & Sony Pictures To Develop 3 New TV Projects For International Distribution

EbonyLife Ltd, and Sony Pictures Television (SPT), today announced that they will co-develop three exciting new scripted TV projects, with SPT set to distribute internationally.
The three-project deal, the first of its kind between SPT and a Nigerian production company, will also include a TV series inspired by the Dahomey Warriors. The action-packed series, inspired by true events that took place in the West African Kingdom of Dahomey, will tell the empowering story of the all-female Warriors and show the ultimate strength of women coming together, fighting to protect and honour their people. Development on the Dahomey Warriors project will start immediately with further details of the two additional projects to follow.
The news follows EbonyLife’s recently announced unscripted deal with SPT, where they will be exclusively adapting the hit game show ‘The Dating Game’ for Nigerian audiences.

Nicole Murphy And Her Dog Takes A Walk

50-year-old Nicole Murphy was spotted wearing a form-fitting dress to walk her dog Babi around Beverly Hills.

New Study Reveals Women Are More Likely To Orgasm When They Have Sex With Other Women

According to a new report, women are more likely to orgasm when they have sex with other women than when they have sex with men.
This revelation comes from an exclusive report from The Sun, which takes note from a survey of 2,300 people around the world. Researchers found that women are more likely to orgasm during same-sex encounters, with some women who have sex with women reporting having orgasms as many as 55 times a month. Straight women, on the other hand, said they experience around 7 orgasms a month.
Dr Kristen Jozkowski, from the University of Arkansas, explains that this is likely because women having sex with other women tend to do more things than just penetrative sex – their sex is "excitingly diversified".
Basically, this means that when women have sex with other women, the focus isn’t on rushing into penetration; it’s about exploring pleasure through oral, fingering, sex toys, and other stuff that many straight couples dismiss as optional foreplay.
The stats on orgasm gaps have been around for quite some time. A study from Chapman University, Indiana University, and the Kinsey Institute found that straight women are less likely than any other demographic to have an orgasm during sex.
A study of more than 52,000 adults found that while heterosexual men reported that they orgasm 95% of the time they have sex, heterosexual women orgasm just 65% of the time – and only 33% of heterosexual women said they have an orgasm every time they have sex, versus 75% of men who could say the same. That’s not because the female orgasm is much harder to achieve, to be clear.
Lesbian women reported that they orgasm 86% of the time, while bisexual women orgasm 66% of the time. So again, a woman’s likelihood to orgasm drops pretty significantly if she’s having sex with a man rather than a woman.
This study found that the reasons for this are pretty simple: when a woman has sex with another woman, she’s more likely to have oral sex, she’s more likely to have sex for a longer period of time, and she’s more likely to try different sex positions – all of which are factors associated with increased orgasms.

#BBNaija: Tobi’s Mother Rocks Same Hairstyle As Her Son

Big Brother Naija is getting more and more interesting as the housemates family and fans have been deploying different styles to campaign and show support for the housemates.
Tobi's mother is not left out as the retired banker rocks same hairstyle as her son and also wear a shirt with Tobi's picture on it.

Nicole Murphy Flashes Flat Tummy In Sports Bra And Shorts As She Leaves The Gym

The ageless mother of five flaunted her stunning figure as she left a gym in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
Nicole Murphy, who happens to be the ex of Eddie Murphy was pictured wearing a pink sports bra and shorts while leaving the gym.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Waje Releases Stunning New Pictures Of Her Daughter As She Clocks 19

Singer Waje is today celebrating her daughter Emerald who turns 19.
The proud mama took to IG to share stunning images of the beautiful teenager penning a heartwarming birthday message alongside.
In one of the photo, the singer wrote;

'I named you Emerald cause i knew you were going to be special, there was something about you that was beyond me, it wasn’t just a mother’s love, it was a reflection of grace, i knew God was crowning me with something special, precious, BEAUTIFUL.
Now you are 19, wow! It was just yesterday that you turned 1 o. I remember your first step, well it wasn’t your first cause we discovered you had been taking small steps but won’t let anyone notice ( nor be today your kunkuru start), or how you spilled wine and licked it from the floor before we could run to you. Was it when you turned 5 and fell really ill that big mummy was so confused…. aunty ify and i had to rush u to the hospital.
Or how you will play rough in school that the child who left home wasnt the one that usually came bck cause you would have worn dust!
Chei! See you now! Lady!
Is it your faith? Things went bad not too long ago, i thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with your fees, you said” mum thats not what God and i discussed”. You will lock yourself in your room and watch TD Jakes then pray for an hr ( I hope u still do). You challenged me! It was your routine.
See you now! Lady!
I am grateful to God for the woman you are becoming.
HEAR ME …… love yourself, laugh more, love much, cry when needed cause people will hurt you and i won’t be there all the time but move on! Don’t dwell on the bad stuff, celebrate the good! Use your time wisely, believe and follow your dream, value your brain and heart,don’t judge but stand for what is right, lend a helping hand. Take care of you and be true to yourself and those that love you. most importantly remember your name “OGOCHUKWU! I am proud of you.
And to all my teenage daughters all over the world, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! THE WORLD IS WAITING

Toyin Aimakhu Congratulates Linda Ikeji On Her Engagement

Following the viral report of celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji getting engaged which was confirmed by Big Sam of BroadwayTV, Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu has already sent down a congratulatory message to her.
In her congratulatory message to Linda Ikeji, Toyin Aimakhu disclosed that she can’t wait to get her tummy filed with rice, over the report which ticked one of the important boxes every woman has piled up on her list. Here’s what she wrote;

“Congratulations to our very own Linda Ikeji for ticking one of the important boxes every woman has piled up on her list; as she got engaged to her heartthrob!
Guys you can get the full gist on @broadwaytv
@officiallindaikeji, I can’t wait to fill my tummy up with the rice o, so don’t keep us waiting too long… We just can’t wait!!!
NB:FAM I’m next

Anthony Joshua To Face Joseph Parker In His First Heavyweight Fight Of 2018 This Saturday

On Saturday, 31 March 2018 at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff, WBA and IBF world heavyweight champion  Anthony Joshua will go head to head against WBO title-holder Joseph Parker.
It will be Joshua's fourth stadium bout with an estimated 80,000 fans expected to watch the fight live at the venue.
According to reports, Joshua has made subtle tweaks to his training since defeating Carlos Takam in October. He now focuses on boxing during morning sessions, with running or strength work later in the day. The reverse of his old routine aims to see him fresher when doing technical work under the guidance of trainer Rob McCracken at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. 
His opponent, Parker is undefeated in 24 bouts and has also undergone changes of his own after having surgery on both elbows late in 2017, a move which his camp claim has led to a 20% improvement in his punching since he out-pointed Hughie Fury in September.

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