Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Air Force Officer Geraldine Lovely Goes On 'Racist' Rant Against Her Black Female Subordinates

A female senior air force officer is coming under fire for going on social media to rant about her Black female subordinates.
The officer whose name is Lovely, as can be seen on the breast of her uniform, said in the video that her Black female subordinates have "attitudes" and treat her like she isn't a person. She went on to say that whenever she talks to them they reply "no ma'am". She said the "no ma'am" part as though it were an insult and said it's like they're talking down to her.
"There's fu***** issues with my airmen and my SEOs that are lower ranking with me but they're Black females. And it pisses me the fu** off that they have no fu***** respect and they constantly having an attitude. And... what the fu** is up with that?" she says in the video.
"Like, I'm trying my best to hold my professionalism with them but good God they have no fu***** respect whatsoever.
"Every time I talk to them... 'no ma'am', it's just like I'm... they're talking down to me. And I'm trying to tread lightly as a, you know, higher ranking SEO not to fu***** blow the fu** up and start a fight club because... but I'm fu***** over it.
"Why is it that every time I encounter my subordinates that are Black females, they have a giant fu***** attitude. And it's not like I'm coming to them with a fu***** attitude. I don't. But every time I fu***** talk to them, it's just like I'm... I'm just some fu***** stupid ass girl that is just... that doesn't even... what is that called? Like I don't even deserve to be talked to as a person."
The video, which was created at Nellis Air Force Base, went viral and a lot of people feel her rant is "racist".  The video has been taken down and is currently being investigated. Tech. Sgt. Geraldine Lovely has now been "removed from her supervisory role" after viral footage of the "racially insensitive" tirade surfaced over the weekend.
The deleted video was reuploaded to Facebook by an airforce forum – with a new caption blasting Lovely for her racist tirade.
"I’m Maj Chris Sukach, Nellis Public Affairs. This is inappropriate and unacceptable behavior in today’s society & especially for anyone in uniform. Leadership is aware and is taking appropriate action," the caption reads.

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